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P o o L is a name known to allP o o L is a name known to allP o o L is a name known to allP o o L is a name known to allP o o L is a name known to allP o o L is a name known to allP o o L is a name known to allP o o L is a name known to allP o o L is a name known to allP o o L is a name known to allP o o L is a name known to all

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  1. P o o L
    03-25-2020 06:13 PM
    P o o L
    Stay at home to get rid of the corona virus.
  2. P o o L
    03-22-2020 02:36 PM
    P o o L
    Money won’t mean shit when there’s nothing to buy and nowhere to go...they played us. #BeSafe #SelfAwareness #WarAgainstVirus - P o o L
  3. P o o L
    03-22-2020 02:31 PM
    P o o L
  4. P o o L
    03-16-2020 10:43 PM
    P o o L
  5. P o o L
    03-11-2020 12:23 PM
    P o o L
    ප්‍රංශයේ පැරිස් නගරයේ බොහෝ දේවස්ථාන වසා දමා ඇති මුත්, සාන්ත නික්ලස් මුනිදුන්ගේ දෙව් මැදුරේ වසංගත සමයන්හී දේව කරුණාව හා සුවය අයැදීමට ද, දෙවියන් වහන්සේගේ සර්ව සාධාරණ උදහසට වන්දි ගෙවීමට ද පිදෙන සම්ප්‍රදායික ලතින් ගායානා දිව්‍ය පූජාවන් මේ දින කිහිපය තුළ අඛණ්ඩව සැමරෙන අතර, බොහෝ කතෝලිකයින් ද දිව්‍ය පූජාව හා පාපොච්චාරණය සදහා මේ වීරෝදාර කතෝලික පියතුමන්ලාගේ ආත්මික සේවය සොයා පැමිණෙන බව කතෝලික විදෙස් මාධ්‍ය සදහන් කරයි.

    අපත් ඔවුන් හා එක්ව නොකඩවා ශුද්ධවූ ජපමාලය හා දේව දයාවේ මල්දම ඔප්පු කරමින් අප රටටත් මුළු මහත් මිනිස් වර්ගයාටත් අවැසි දෙවියන් වහන්සේගේ නිම්හිම් නොමැති දයාවේ ශ්‍රී රුධීර ජල දහරා ගලා එවන මෙන් යදිමු. ❤️🙏🏻
  6. P o o L
    03-05-2020 10:56 PM
    P o o L
    "Thanks for the easy $5 lady. Have a nice day", and I put my car into drive and coast. Feelsgoodman.

    Conclusion: life is about the little things. Don't let these shitbags bring you down. Let them Lyft you up.
  7. P o o L
    03-05-2020 10:55 PM
    P o o L
    "Drive off!" She screams, "So I can get another ride. Cancel motherfucker". I tell her she can cancel and order a new ride anytime she wants.

    "I'm not canceling, you cancel, you wasted my time with your stupid crap you can pay me $5 for this". She's even more mad. I thought she was going to start kicking my car. This whole time she's been standing in the middle of the road.

    I think the only reason why she didn't attack my car was the group of girls sitting on this porch laughing their asses off. She says her man is going to come get me. I tell her if her man wasn't in prison she wouldn't be living off welfare trying to shove her kids in a stranger's car without car seats.

    I take another bite of sandwich. She screams for me to drive off. She says she's going to call the police. I say please do I'm sure they'd love to speak with with you. She screams "fuck you fat cracker". I take the last two bites of my sandwich. The clock just hit past 5 minutes. I cancel ride.

  8. P o o L
    03-05-2020 10:55 PM
    P o o L
    I say well then you shouldn't put your kids in a car and I am not transporting you.

    I immediately knew how this would go. I roll up my window. And just tell myself I only have to wait until the 5 minutes are up. She's screaming about how she's going to get her money back and get me fired. I say I'm not an employee in my own boss. Then take out my Wendy's hamburger and begin eating it while she's screaming at me in my window. Completely ignoring her. Paid lunch break I think to myself.

    She starts screaming "why the fuck you eating you fatass motherfucker?!" I look her in the face and take another bite. With full eye contact I open my mouth and stick out my tongue with my mouth filled with partially chewed food. She says "fuck you cracker lardass". I take another bite. She's flipping the fuck out like all these Borderline women do.

  9. P o o L
    03-05-2020 10:53 PM
    P o o L
    Go to this ghetto psycho's house to scoop her. She's immediately screaming at her kids. Swearing at them. One almost runs into the road in front of a car and she says she's going to slap him. This woman should not breed or be allowed to purchase firearms. I do not want this trash in my car. I never ever unlock my car doors as soon as I see kids until I know there will be a car seat. I don't care about the passenger being put off by my car locking routine. I don't know you.

    She gets to my car. She already ran the wait clock down to 3 mins screaming at her future felons. She goes to open it. I don't unlock it. I roll my window down and ask if she has car seats. She says no and that she doesn't need them. I say it's state law and other drivers may do it for her but I won't and she needs to go get her car seats if she wants to ride in my car. She immediately flips out and says she "don't own no fucking car seats".
  10. P o o L
    03-05-2020 10:52 PM
    P o o L
    My ears are still ringing. Seriously, I got a minor case of tinnitus.

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