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I've seen a few people on here needing help with getting into the Adult Niches. Also, as you all know (or should know), traffic is the most important thing when doing anything IM.

I thought I would share one of the methods that I have used and discovered myself from other people doing it on Reddit.

Some of you guys probably know this method, and some of you are doing something similar.

If not hopefully you can use this in some other way.

What is the method?​

We are going to be uploading Highlights/Teasers GIFs of your Videos. This is the absolute best way to grab Redditors attention. GIFs are very powerful in the Adult niches.

Since you can cut together a nice teaser of your video with some of the best parts, those that are interested to take a wank to it will most likely try to find the source.

With a sneaky little twist, we are going to advertise our Videos/Tube Sites without any hassles.

[Important before you use Reddit]​

For those that haven't been on Reddit, It's a dangerous place for advertising. It would be best if you were careful with how you advertise your links/websites on there. Redditors can smell advertising from miles.

As a "former." Redditor myself I can understand why, because of the number of shitty posts clogging up your subreddits is insane especially on the bigger Subreddits.

If you are going to be advertising, you need to look like you are a regular Redditor just submitting content and not trying to sell anything, etc.

This is very easily done with this method. You could use this for many other things. However, it works excellent for Adult Traffic.

What Do You Need?​

Aged + High Karma Account (Recommended to use a Real Account)
- Many of the bigger Subreddit have requirements for submitting. Some have an age limit (Min 1-6 Months Old)

However, some have a Karma Minimum Requirement. You will need to build up an account for this to give you the best results.

That's why I recommend you use a real account since you will look like a real submitter and not just a spammer.

Video Editing Program.
-I use Sony Vegas. You can use whatever you'd like. We need something like this to cut together our teasers.

GIF Creator/Uploader (Recommend Gfycat, Most used for Adult Gifs)
- We need somewhere to host our GIFs. You could use anything. Some Subreddits will only accept some websites, so make sure you look at the rules before uploading. Most used are Gfycat and Imgur.

Video/Tube Website (For Best Results)
If you're doing the Reupload method, you should have your video uploaded to your preferred site. Make sure it's on some of the bigger sites (Pornhub or XVideos works best.)

If you run a Tube Site, make sure that you don't have too many popups. And if you do, make sure you say that when advertising the links. People will call it out instantly and could land you in the "Grey/Blacklists."

Making Gifs​

This the most important thing about this method, you need to make sure your gifs are good.

We need to cut together a "1 Min Teaser" of our video, I'm sure some of you have seen plenty of these on Reddit if you have browsed an Adult Subreddit. Well, we are going to do the same.


This is going to take some time since you mostly are going to have to go through the video and take out the best parts. For those doing Adult stuff, sometimes things get a bit out of hand if you know what I mean.

However, try to stay focused and get the best parts out that you like. Most of the time I get six different ten-second clips from different parts of the video.

Just make sure you include the "intro" or the beginning of the story, it will make the viewer more interested rather than just getting right into the hot stuff.

Finding Subreddits

When you have your clips ready, we need to find subreddits to submit our gifs to. There are many ways to go about this. If you have been on Reddit, you probably know some of the bigger subreddits.

For those that haven't been on Reddit. You could browse the "Reddit NSFW" Section on ThePornDude.

When you have found one subreddit that fits your Niche, make sure to check the sidebar as well. Most of the subreddits have a "Related Subreddits" section that will give you more to submit to on your list.

Most of your Adult related Subreddits are going to be labeled with NSFW, so searching your niche + Reddit NSFW will most likely give you the closest results.


Once you have found your Subreddits, make sure to save them on a list so can quickly submit more gifs later.


Make sure you change your titles. Do not just copy the title from the clip. You could do this if it's a premium reupload, including the main actor (Girl of course) will give you better results sometimes.

However, most of the time you should rewrite the title to something that relevant to the gif.

Incest titles are trendy on Reddit, so something like "Mom almost caught us last time..." work great even tho it's not an "incest video."

The nice thing about Reddit is that it's easy to submit your stuff. When you have a right amount of Subreddits that you want to submit to, You need to change the Subreddit where you want to post to at the bottom of the submission page.


Here is your time to shine, the final step in sneaking your link into the video.


We do not want to advertise the link at all from the outside, we need people to search for the source in the comments.

After you have uploaded your gif, you should wait for around 10 minutes. Alternatively, until someone comments on it.

Comments should look something like this:

Title: (Female Actor) + Real Title
Source: Your link.

Most of the time just commenting source + link works.

We are doing it like this because it looks the least suspicious and looks like you actually found the video yourself and just wanted to share it with to the people on the subreddit.

Of course, It works best when someone else asks for the source.

Also, when commenting on the link. Do not use link shorteners or anything like that, since it will look suspicious and your whole post is going to be reported in most cases.


If done right, you should be able to see a big increase in views/traffic. Reddit is a very powerful place to gain traffic from, but as I said earlier it's also a bad place. If not done right and lazily it most likely will bite you in the ass sooner or later.

The only downside to this method is that everything needs to be manually done, and it takes time. But it can pay off big time if you stick with it.

As far as I know, there is really no way to automate this without it looking spammy. By nature on Reddit It's very easy to spot something like that. But maybe we have someone out there that could figure something clever out that would work.

But right now, You are better of doing it manually and right. Good Luck.


Hopefully, this will help some of you out, or those that are interested in getting into the adult niches but unsure how to get traffic going.

If you have any questions or anything related to this method or just adult-related feel free to ask away in the comments.

Also, please give the respect and leave questions in the comments and not private messaging me. It would be better in general since more people can benefit from it if we stay in the comments.


- On the bigger Subreddits, it can be hard to land on the front/HOT page. Using SMM Panels or other Upvote services works excellently to boost your posts and will bring you more traffic in the long run.

Just make sure that it looks realistic with the size of the subreddit. Compare the average upvotes per post and try to land somewhere near that.

Having a post with 1000 upvotes on a Subreddit where the average upvotes are around 100 is going to get called out fast and probably will get you banned/removed.

- If you have a separate account, you could self comment on your posts asking for sources although this will get noticed fast if the same accounts are commenting on the same submitter every time. So make sure you rotate accounts if you are going to do something like that.

- Make your account look legit, and comment and submit stuff to other subreddits as well. This will help you be able to submit to bigger Subreddits, and also it will last longer and not get reported as a spam account.

- Do not submit too many posts per day. Mods are very active of bigger subreddit and notice these things fast. If they see you submitting too many of the same website links every day, they will most likely Shadowban you.

- DO NOT LINK OFFER LINKS OF ANY SORT. This will get you instantly banned and is just a bad idea in general. You need to provide the people that are looking at your post with the source link, whatever you do from there is up to you. Just make sure you give them the right link and people will be happy.

- You could use this method for many similar things, Posting pictures of girls that link to your Adult Instagram accounts works very well too. Although you need to have a decent amount of pictures on those accounts for it to work compared to only have 1-3 pictures and a link in the bio.

That's it for now.

- Titan

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