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11-19-2019, 10:09 AM

Originally Posted by hichchiputha View Post
Bro, most Youngers work in korea / middle east will try to build there dream house 🏡

When you young your dream is to have a own car 🚘 and home ryt cuz difficult to achieve

BTW The market for lands going up day by day

My advice is when you young you earn hard invest that money when that invested money generate more money 💵 you build / you buy But majority donít do tht
I agree machan.. There`s nothing wrong with dreaming and achieving, we`ve all been there. What Kolan bro is saying is to be careful during the process, specially when it comes to building big expensive houses. Which also what your advice is, which is also what I am saying.

It takes education (including learning from mistakes), self decipliene and life experience to be able to make good financial decisions. One financial decision today can make a massive difference in life 10 years down the life, good or worse.

මෙහෙම ඇඩ්වයිස් එකක් දීපු ගමන් අපේ උන් කුහක කම කියල හිතන් රෙද්ද උස්සන් එනවා නේ බන්? ඇයි බන් එහෙම?
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