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check E-books - 02-13-2007, 04:46 PM

A J Offutt
Cormac 01 - The Mists of Doom
Cormac 02 - The Tower of Death
Cormac 03 - When Death Birds Fly
Cormac 04 - Tigers Of The Sea
Cormac 05 - Sword of the Gael
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Alan Cole & Chris Bunch
The Far Kingdoms
Sten 1 - Vulcan
Sten 2 - The Wolf Worlds
Sten 3 - The Court of a Thousand Suns
Sten 4 - Fleet of the Damned
Sten 5 - Revenge of the Damned
Sten 6 - The Return of the Emperor
Sten 7 - Vortex
Sten 8 - Empire's End
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Anne Bishop
Dark Jewels 01 - Daughter of the Blood
Dark Jewels 02 - Heir to the Shadows
Tir Alainn 01 - The Pillars of the World
Tir Alainn 02 - Shadows and Light
Tir Alainn 03 - The House of Gaian
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C J Cherryh
Shon Jir
Gate of Ivrel
Well of Shiuan
Fires of Azeroth
Ealdwood 01 - The Dreamstone
Fortress 01 - Fortress in the eye of time
The Goblin Mirror
Rider At The Gate
Compact Space 01 - The Pride Of Chanur
Compact Space 02 - Chanur's Venture
Compact Space 03 - The Kif Strike Back
Compact Space 04 - Chanur's Homecoming
Compact Space 05 - Chanur's Legacy
The Company Wars
The Company Wars 1 - Downbelow Station
The Company Wars 2 - Merchanters Luck
The Company Wars 3 - Rimrunners
The Company Wars 5 - Hellburner
Hanan Rebellion 1 - Brothers of Earth
Hanan Rebellion 2 - Hunter of Worlds
Serpent's Reach
Finity's End
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C S Friedman
Coldfire Trilogy 01 - Black Sun Rising
Coldfire Trilogy 02 - When True Night Falls
Coldfire Trilogy 03 - Crown Of Shadows
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C S Lewis
A Guide Through Narnia
The Lion The Witch And The Wardrobe
Prince Caspian
The Voyage Of The Dawn Treader
The Silver Chair
The Horse And His Boy
The Magician's Nephew
The Last Battle
Cosmic 1 - Out Of The Silent Planet
Cosmic 2 - Voyage To Venus
Cosmic 3 - That Hideous Strength
The Screwtape Letters
Spirits In Bondage - A Cycle Of Lyrics
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Carol Berg
Son of Avonar
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Christopher Paolini
Inheritance 01 - Eragon
Inheritance 02 - Eldest
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Craig Shaw Gardner
Ebenezum 1 - A Malady of Magicks
Ebenezum 2 - A Multitude of Monsters
Ebenezum 03 - A Night in the Netherhells
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Christopher Stasheff
Warlock of Gramarye 01 - Escape Velocity
Warlock of Gramarye 02 - The Warlock In Spite Of Himself
Warlock of Gramarye 05 - The Warlock Enraged
Warlock of Gramarye 06 - The Warlock Wandering
Warlock of Gramarye 07 - The Warlock Heretical
Warlock of Gramarye 12 - Warlock And Son
Rogue Wizard 01 - A Wizard in Mind
Rogue Wizard 02 - A Wizard in Bedlam
Rogue Wizard 03 - A Wizard In Absentia
Rogue Wizard 04 - A Wizard In War
Rogue Wizard 05 - A Wizard In Peace
Rogue Wizard 06 - A Wizard In Chaos
Rogue Wizard 07 - A Wizard In Midgard
Rogue Wizard 08 - A Wizard And A Warlord
Rogue Wizard 09 - A Wizard In The Way
Rogue Wizard 10 - A Wizard In A Feud
Warlock's Heirs 01 - M'Lady Witch
Warlock's Heirs 02 - Quick silvers Knight
Wizard in Rhyme 01 - Her Majesty's Wizard
Wizard in Rhyme 02 - The OathBound Wizard
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Dave Duncan
Seventh Sword 01 - The Reluctant Swordsman
Seventh Sword 02 - The Coming of Wisdom
Seventh Sword 03 - The Destiny Of The Sword
A Man of His Word 1 - Magic Casement
A Man of His Word 2 - Faery Lands Forlorn
A Man of His Word 3 - Perilous Seas
A Man of His Word 4 - Emperor And Clown
Handful of Men 1 - The Cutting Edge
Handful of Men 2 - The Stricken Field
Handful of Men 4 - The Living God
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David Coe
Lon Tobyn 1 - Children of Amarid
Winds of the Forelands 1 - Rules of Ascention
Winds of the Forelands 2 - Seeds of Betrayal
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David Eddings
The Diamond Throne
The Ruby Knight
The Sapphire Rose
Guardian Of The West
King Of The Murgos
Demon Lord Of Karanda
Sorceress Of Darshiva
Seeress Of Kell
Pawn Of Prophecy
Queen Of Sorcery
Magician's Gambit
Castle Of Wizardry
Enchanter's Endgame
The Redemption Of Althulus
The Rivan Codex
Domes Of Fire
The Shining Ones
The Hidden City
Belgarath The Sorcerer
Polgara The Sorceress
The Losers
Regina's Song
High Hunt
The Dreamers 1 - The Elder Gods
The Dreamers 2 - The Treasured One
The Dreamers 3 - Crystal Gorge
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David Farland
Runelords 01 - The Sum of All Men
Runelords 02 - Brotherhood Of The Wolf
Runelords 03 - Wizardborn
Runelords 04 - The Lair Of Bones
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David Gemmell
The King Beyond The Gate
Waylander I
Waylander II
Hero In The Shadows
The First Chronicles Of Druss
Quest For Lost Heroes
In the Realm of the Wolf
the Legend Of Deathwalker
Dark Moon
Knights Of Dark Renown
Winter Warriors
Ironhand's Daughter
The Hawk Eternal
Ghost King
Last Sword Of Power
Midnight Falcon
Rigante 1 - Sword In The Storm
Rigante 2 - Midnight Falcon
Rigante 3 - Ravenheart
Rigante 4 - Stormrider
Morning Star
Echoes Of The Great Song
The Damned 1 - White Wolf
The Damned 2 - The Swords Of Night And Day
Lion of Macedon 01 - Lion Of Macedon
Lion of Macedon 02 - Dark Prince
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Diane Duane
Cat Wizards 01 - The Book of Night With Moon
Cat Wizards 02 - On Her Majesty's Wizardly Service
Tale of The Five 01 - The door into fire
Tale of The Five 02 - The Door Into Shadow
Young Wizard 01 - So you want to be a wizard
Young Wizard 02 - Deep wizardry
Young Wizard 03 - High wizardry
Young Wizard 04 - A wizard abroad
Young Wizard 05 - The Wizard's Dilemma
Young Wizard 06 - A Wizard Alone
Harbinger 01 - Starrise At Corrivale
Harbinger 02 - Storm at Eldala
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Doranna Durgin
A Feral Darkness
Seers Blood
Wolverines Daughter
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Edward Whittemore
The Jerusalem Quartet 1 - Sinai Tapestry
The Jerusalem Quartet 2 - Jerusalem Poker
The Jerusalem Quartet 3 - Nile Shadows
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Forgotten Realms
Elminster 01 - The Making of a Mage
Moonshae 01 - Darkwalker On Moonshae
Moonshae 02 - Black Wizard
Moonshae 03 - Darkwell
Starlight and Shadows 03 - Windwalker
The Nobles 01 - King Pinch
Anthology - Realms Of Deep
Finder's Stone 1 Azure Bonds
Finder's Stone 2 Wyvern's Spur
Finder's Stone 3 Song of the Saurials
War of the Spider Queen 1 - Dissolution
War of the Spider Queen 2 - Insurrection
War of the Spider Queen 3 – Condemnation
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Fred Saberhagen
The First Book Of Swords
The Second Book Of Swords
The Third Book Of Swords
Woundhealer's Story
Sightblinder's Story
Stonecutter's Story
Farslayer's Story
Coinspinner's Story
Mindsword's Story
Wayfinder's Story
Shieldbreaker's Story
Dracula 02 - The Holmes-Dracula File
Dracula 04 - Thorn
Dracula 05 - Dominion
Dracula 06 - A Matter of Taste
Dracula 07 - A Question of Time
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Fritz Leiber
Swords and Deviltry
Swords Against Death
Swords in the Mist
Swords Against Wizardry
The Swords of Lankhmar
Swords and Ice Magic
The Knight and Knave of Swords
Ill Met in Lankhmar
The Big Time
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George RR Martin
A Game Of Thrones
A Clash Of Kings
A Storm Of Swords
A Feast for Crows
The Hegde Knight
With Morning Comes Mistfall
Dying Of The Light
The Sworn Sword
Fevre Dream
Tuf Voyaging
Wildcards 1 - Wildcards
Wildcards 2 - Aces High
Wildcards 3 - Jokers Wild
Wildcards 4 - Aces Abroad
Wildcards 5 - Down And Dirty
Wildcards 6 - Ace In The Hole
Wildcards 7 - Dead Mans Hand
Wildcards 8 - One Eyed Jacks
Wildcards 9 - Jokertown Shuffle
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Glen Cook
Black Company
Shadows Linger
The White Rose
Shadow Games
The Silver Spike
Dreams Of Steel
Bleak Seasons
She Is The Darkness
Water Sleeps
Soldiers Live
Garrett Vol.1 Sweet Silver Blues
Garrett Vol.2 Bitter Gold Hearts
Garrett Vol.3 Cold Copper Tears
Garrett Vol.4 Old Tin Sorrows
Garrett Vol.5 Dread Brass Shadows
Garrett Vol.6 Red Iron Nights
Garrett Vol.7 Deadly Quicksilver Lies
Garrett Vol.8 Petty Pewter Gods
Garrett Vol.9 Faded Steel Heat
Garrett Vol.10 Angry Lead Skies
Garrett Vol.11 Whispering Nickel Idols
Sword Bearer
The Dragon Never Sleeps
Sung In Blood
Soldier Of An Empire Unacquainted With Defeat
A Matter Of Time
Dread Empire 01 - The Fire In His Hands
Dread Empire 02 - With Mercy Towards None
Dread Empire 03 - Shadow Of All Night Falling
Dread Empire 04 - October's Baby
Dread Empire 05 - All Darkness Met
Dread Empire 06 - Reap The East Wind
Dread Empire 07 - An Ill Fate Marshalling
Dread Empire - Vengeful Dragon - Filed Teeth
Dread Empire - Vengeful Dragon - Ghost Stalk
Darkwar 01 - Doomstalker
Darkwar 02 - Warlock
Darkwar 03 - Ceremony
In The Wind
Quiet Sea
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Gordon Dickinson
Dragon and the George 01 - The Dragon and the George
Dragon and the George 02 - The Dragon Knight
Dragon and the George 03 - The Dragon on the Border
Dragon and the George 04 - The Dragon At War
Dragon and the George 05 - The Dragon, the Earl, and the Trol
Dragon and the George 06 - The Dragon and the Djinn
Dragon and the George 07 - The Dragon and the Gnarly King
Dragon and the George 08 - The Dragon in Lyonesse
Dragon and the George 09 - The Dragon and the Fair Maid of Kent
Forever Man
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Gregory Keyes
Age Of Unreason 1 - Newton's Cannon
Age Of Unreason 2 - A Calculus Of Angels
Age Of Unreason 3 - Empire Of Unreason
Age Of Unreason 4 - The Shadows Of God
The Kingdoms Of Thorn And Bone 1 - Briar King
The Kingdoms Of Thorn And Bone 2 - Charnel Prince
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Guy Gavriel Kay
The Summer Tree
The Wandering Fire
The Darkest Road
A Song For Arbonne
The Lions Of Al-Rassan
Sarantine Mosaic 1 - Sailing To Sarantium
Sarantine Mosaic 2 - Lord Of Emperors
The Last Light Of The Sun
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Harry Harrison
The Hammer And The Cross
One King's Way
King And Emperor
Stars and Stripes 1 - Forever
Stars and Stripes 2 – Peril
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Holly Lisle
Fire in the Mist
Sympathy for the Devil
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Jack Chalker
Changewinds 1 When the Changwinds Blow
Changewinds 2 Riders of the Winds
Changewinds 3 War of the Maelstrom
Quintara Marathon 1 The Demons At Rainbow Bridge
Quintara Marathon 2 The Run To Chaos Keep
Quintara Marathon 3 Ninety Trillion Fausts
The Dancing Gods 1 The River Of The Dancing Gods
The Dancing Gods 2 Demons of the Dancing Gods
The Dancing Gods 3 Vengeance of the Dancing Gods
The Dancing Gods 4 Songs of the Dancing Gods
G.O.D.Inc 1 Labyrinth Of Dreams
G.O.D.Inc 2 The Shadow Dancers
G.O.D.Inc 3 The Maze In The Mirror
Four Lords of the Diamond 1 Lilith
Four Lords of the Diamond 2 Cerberus
Four Lords of the Diamond 3 Charon
Four Lords of the Diamond 4 Medusa
Rings Of The Masters 1 Lords of the Middle Dark
Rings Of The Masters 2 Pirates Of The Thunder
Rings Of The Masters 3 Warriors of the Storm
Rings Of The Masters 4 Masks of the Martyrs
Well Of Souls 1 Midnight At The Well Of Souls
Well Of Souls 2 Exiles At The Well Of Souls
Well Of Souls 3 Gods Of The Well Of Souls
The Wonderland Gambit 3 The Hot Wired Dodo
Balshazzars Serpent
A Jungle Of Stars
The Web Of The Chozen
Melchior's Fire
Soul Rider 1 Spirits of Flux and Anchor
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James Clemens
The Banned and the Banished 1 - Witch Fire
The Banned and the Banished 2 - Witch Storm
The Banned and the Banished 3 - Witch War
The Banned and the Banished 4 - Witch Gate
The Banned and the Banished 5 - Witch Star
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Jane Fancher
Dance of the Rings 1 - Ring of Intrigue
Dance of the Rings 2 - Ring of Lightning
Dance of the Rings 3 - Ring of Destiny
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Jean Auel
Earth's Children - 01 The Clan of The Cave Bear
Earth's Children - 02 The Valley of Horses
Earth's Children - 03 The Mammoth Hunters
Earth's Children - 04 Plains of Passage
Earth's Children - 05 The Shelters of Stone
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Jeff Grubb
The Brothers' War
Time Streams
Mercadian Masques
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Jim Butcher
Dresden Files 1 - Storm Front
Dresden Files 2 - Fool Moon
Dresden Files 3 - Grave Peril
Dresden Files 4 - Summer Knight
Dresden Files 5 - Death Masks
Dresden Files 6 - Blood Rites
Codex Alera 1 - Furies of Calderon
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JK Rowling
The Sorcerer's Stone
The Chamber Of Secrets
The Prisoner Of Azkaban
The Goblet Of Fire
The Order Of The Phoenix
Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince
Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them
Quidditch Through the Ages
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Joel Rosenberg
Guardians of the Flame 01 - The Sleeping Dragon
Guardians of the Flame 02 - The Sword and the Chain
Guardians of the Flame 03 - The Silver Crown
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John Burkitt
Chronicles of The Pride Lands 1 Chronicles of the pride lands
Chronicles of The Pride Lands 2 The spirit quest
Chronicles of The Pride Lands 3 Shadow of makei
Chronicles of The Pride Lands 4 Under the acacias
Chronicles of The Pride Lands 5 The leonid saga
Chronicles of The Pride Lands 6 The change
Chronicles of The Pride Lands 7 The promise
Chronicles of The Pride Lands 8 Touch of the Nisei
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John Dalmas
Yngling 01 - The Yngling
Yngling 02 - Homecoming
Yngling 03 - The Yngling And The Circle Of Power
Yngling 04 - The Yngling In Yamato
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John Norman
Gor 00 - The Gor Books
Gor 01 - Tarnsman Of Gor
Gor 02 - Outlaw Of Gor
Gor 03 - Priest-Kings Of Gor
Gor 04 - Nomads Of Gor
Gor 05 - Assassin of Gor
Gor 06 - Raiders of Gor
Gor 07 - Captive of Gor
Gor 08 - Hunters of Gor
Gor 09 - Marauders Of Gor
Gor 10 - Tribesmen of Gor
Gor 11 - Slave Girl Of Gor
Gor 12 - Beasts Of Gor
Gor 13 - Explorers Of Gor
Gor 14 - Fighting Slave of Gor
Gor 15 - Rouges of Gor
Gor 16 - Guardsman of Gor
Gor 17 - Savages of Gor
Gor 18 - Bloodbrothers of Gor
Gor 19 - Kajira of Gor
Gor 20 - Players of Gor
Gor 21 - Mercenaries of Gor
Gor 22 - Dancer of Gor
Gor 23 - Renegades of Gor
Gor 24 - Vagabonds of Gor
Gor 25 - Magicians of Gor
Gor 26 - Witness of Gor
Telnarian Histories 01 The Chieftain
Telnarian Histories 02 The Captain
Telnarian Histories 03 The King
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Jonathan Stroud
Bartimaeus 1 - The Amulet of Samarkand
Bartimaeus 2 - The Golem's Eye
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Karl Wagner
Kane 01 - Darkness Weaves
Kane 02 - Death Angels Shadow
Kane 03 - Bloodstone
Kane 04 - Dark Crusade
Kane 05 - Night Winds
Kane 06 - The Book of Kane
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Katherine Kerr
Deverry 01 - Daggerspell
Deverry 02 - Darkspell
Deverry 03 - The Bristling Wood
Deverry 04 - Dragonspell
Deverry 05 - A Time of Exile
Deverry 06 - A Time of Omens
Deverry 07 - A Time Of War
Deverry 08 - A Time Of Justice
Dragon Mage 01 - The Red Wyvern
Dragon Mage 02 - The Black Raven
Dragon Mage 03 - The Fire Dragon
Enchanted Forests
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02-13-2007, 04:47 PM

Katherine Kurtz
Deryni 01 - Deryni Rising
Deryni 02 - Deryni Checkmate
Deryni 03 - High Deryni
Deryni Archives
Camber of Culdi 01 - Camber of Culdi
Camber of Culdi 02 - Saint Camber
Camber of Culdi 03 - Camber the Heretic
Heirs of Saint Camber 01 - The Harrowing of Gwynedd
Heirs of Saint Camber 02 - King Javan's Year
Heirs of Saint Camber 03 - The Bastard Prince
King Kelson 01 - The Bishop's Heir
King Kelson 02 - The Kings Justice
King Kelson 03 - The Quest For Saint Camber
King Kelson 04 - King Kelson's Bride
Knights of the Blood 01 - Knights of the Blood
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L E Modesitt Jr
Corean Chronicles 01 - Legacies
Corean Chronicles 02 - Darknesses
Corean Chronicles 03 - Scepters
Saga of Recluce 01 - The Magic of Recluce
Saga of Recluce 02 - Towers of the Shield
Saga of Recluce 03 - Magic Engineer
Saga of Recluce 04 - Order War
Saga of Recluce 05 - Death of Chaos
Saga of Recluce 06 - Fall of Angels
Saga of Recluce 07 - Chaos Balance
Saga of Recluce 08 - White Order
Saga of Recluce 09 - Colors of Chaos
Saga of Recluce 10 - Magi of Cyador
Saga of Recluce 11 - Scion of Cyador
Saga of Recluce 12 - Wellspring of Chaos
Saga of Recluce 13 - Ordermaster
Spellsong Cycle 01 - The Soprano Sorceress
Spellsong Cycle 02 - The Spellsong War
Spellsong Cycle 03 - Darksong Rising
The Ecolitian Enigma
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Lloyd Alexander
Chronicles of Prydain 01 The Book of Three
Chronicles of Prydain 02 The Black Cauldron
Chronicles of Prydain 03 The Castle of Llyr
Chronicles of Prydain 04 Taran Wanderer
Chronicles of Prydain 05 The High King
Westmark 02 The Kestrel
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Lawrence Watt Evans
Lords of Dus 1 - Lure of the Basilisk
Lords of Dus 2 - Seven Altars of Dusarra
Lords of Dus 3 - Sword of Bheleu
The Cyborg And The Sorcerers
The Unwilling Warlord
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Lian Hearn
Tales Of The Otori 1 - Nightingale Floor
Tales Of The Otori 2 - Grass Pillow
Tales Of The Otori 3 - Brilliance Of The Moon
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Lois MacMaster Bujold
Etan Of Athos
The Warrior's Apprentice
Falling Free
Borders Of Infinity
Brothers In Arms
The Vor Game
Mirror Dance
A Civil Campaign
Diplomatic Immunity
Shards Of Honour
Chalion 1 The curse of chalion
Chalion 2 Paladin of souls
Chalion 3 The hallowed hunt
Winterfair Gifts
Code: ‹ Select ›

Louise Cooper
Indigo 01 Nemesis
Indigo 02 Inferno
Time Master 01 The Initiate
Time Master 02 The Outcast
Time Master 03 The Master
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Lyon Sprague DeCamp
Lest Darkness Fall
The Undesired Princess
The Clocks Of Iraz
The Unbeheaded King
Conan Of Cimmeria 01 - The Curse Of The Monolith
Code: ‹ Select ›

Margaret Weis
Chronicles - Vol.1 Dragons Of Autumn Twilight
Chronicles - Vol.2 Dragons Of Winter Night
Chronicles - Vol.3 Dragons Of Spring Dawning
Chronicles - Vol.4 Dragons of Summer Flame
Legends - Vol.1 The Time Of The Twins
Legends - Vol.2 The War Of The Twins
Legends - Vol.3 Test of the Twins
Preludes I Vol.1 Darkness And Light
Preludes I Vol.2 Kendermore
Preludes I Vol.3 Brothers Majere
Preludes II Vol.1 Riverwind
Preludes II Vol.2 Flint The King
Classics Vol.2 Dalamar The Dark
Tales I Vol.1 The Magic Of Krynn
Tales I Vol.2 Kender, Gully, Dwarves And Gnomes
Tales I Vol.3 Love And War
Tales II Vol.1 The Reign Of Istar
Tales II Vol.2 The Cataclysm
Tales II Vol.3 War Of The Lance
Anthologies Vol.1 The Dragons Of Krynn
Anthologies Vol.2 The Dragons At War
Anthologies Vol.3 Dragons Of Chaos
Tales Of The Lance
The War Of Souls Vol.1 Dragons Of A Fallen Sun
The War Of Souls Vol.2 Dragons Of A Lost Star
The War Of Souls Vol.3 Dragons of A Vanished Moon
Heroes 1 Vol.1 The Legend Of Huma
Heroes 1 Vol.2 Stormblade
Heroes 1 Vol.3 Weasel's Luck
Heroes 2 Vol.1 Kaz
Heroes 2 Vol.2 The Gates Of Thorbardin
Dragons of a New Age Vol.2 The Day Of The Tempest
Elven Nations Vol.1 Firstborn
Elven Nations Vol.2 The Kinslayer Wars
Elven Nations Vol.3 The Qualinest
Dwarven Nations Vol.1 The Covenant Of The Forge
Dwarven Nations Vol.2 Hammer and Axe
Second Generation Vol.1 The Second Generation
The Odyssey Of Gilthanas, Reader's Companion
Lost Legends 2 Fistanadantilus Reborn
Lost Legends 3 Tales Of Uncle Trapspringer
Villains 1 Before the Mask
Villains 2 The Black Wing
Villains 3 Emperor of Ansalon
Villains 4 Hederick the Theocrat
Villains 6 The Dark Queen
Tales Of The Fifth Age 2 Heroes and Fools
Tales Of The Fifth Age 2 Heroes and Fools
Age Of Mortals 2 The Lioness
Lost Histories 2 The Irda Children Of The Stars
Lost histories 4 Land of the minotaurs
Tales From The War Of Souls 2 - The Search For Magic
Dhamon Saga 1 Downfall
Kingpriest 1 Chosen Of The Gods
Meetings Sextet 1 Kindred Spirits
Meetings Sextet 6 The Companions
Raistlin Chronicles 1 - Soulforge
Raistlin Chronicles 2 - Brothers in Arms
Lord Soth
The History of Dragonlance
The Darksword Trilogy Vol.1 Forging The Darksword
Doom Of The Darksword
Deathgate Cycle Vol.1 Dragon Wing
Deathgate Cycle Vol.2 Elven Star
Deathgate Cycle Vol.3 Fire Sea
Deathgate Cycle Vol.4 Serpent Mage
Deathgate Cycle Vol.5 The Hand Of Chaos
Deathgate Cycle Vol.6 Into The Labyrinth
Deathgate Cycle Vol.7 The Seventh Gate
The Mag Force 7 - 01 - The Knights Of The Black Earth
The Mag Force 7 - 02 - Robot Blues
Starshield 01 – Sentinels
Code: ‹ Select ›

Marion Zimmer Bradley
Darkover - Landfall
Darkover - Hawkmistress
Darkover - The Shattered Chain
Darkover - The World Wreckers
Falcons of Narabedla
The Heritage of Hastur
The Mists of Avalon
Code: ‹ Select ›

Mary Renault
Fire from Heaven
The Bull From The Sea
The Praise Singer
The Last of the Wine
Mask of Apollo
Fire from Heaven
The Persian Boy
Funeral Games
Code: ‹ Select ›

Megan Lindholm
Assassin's Apprentice
Royal Assassin
Assassin's Quest
Liveship 1 - Ship Of Magic
Liveship 2 - Mad Ship
Liveship 3 - Ship Of Destiny
Tawny Man 1 - Fools Errand
Tawny Man 2 - Golden Fool
Tawny Man 3 - Fools Fate
Soldier Son 1 - Shamans Crossing
Wizard of the Pigeons
Code: ‹ Select ›

Melanie Rawn
Dragon Prince 1 - Dragon Prince
Dragon Prince 2 - The Star Scroll
Dragon Prince 3 - Sunrunners Fire
Dragon Star 1 - Stronghold
Dragon Star 2 - The Dragon Token
Dragon Star 3 – Skybowl
Code: ‹ Select ›

Mercedes Lackey
Darien's Tale 01 - Owlflight
Darien's Tale 02 - Owlsight
Darien's Tale 03 - Owlknight
Elemental Masters 1 - Fire Rose
Elemental Masters 2 - The Serpent's Shadow
Elemental Masters 3 - The Gates Of Sleep
Serrated Edge Omnibus 1 - Born to Run
Serrated Edge Omnibus 2 - Wheels of Fire
Serrated Edge Omnibus 3 - When the Bough Breaks
Serrated Edge Omnibus 4 - Chrome Circle
Serrated Edge Omnibus 5 - The Chrome Born
Bard's Tale 1 - Castle of Deception
Bard's Tale 2 - Fortress of Frost and Fire
Bard's Tale 3 - The Chaos Gate
Bard's Tale 4 - Prison of Souls
Bardic Voices 01 - The Lark and the Wren
Bardic Voices 02 - The Robin and the Kestrel
Bardic Voices 03 - The Eagle and the Nightingales
Bardic Voices 04 - Four and Twenty Blackbirds
Bedlam's Bard 01 - Knights of Ghosts and Shadows
Bedlam's Bard 04 - Beyond World's End
Bedlam's Bard 05 - Spirits White As Lightning
Diana Tregarde 01 - Children of the Night
Diana Tregarde 02 - Burning Water
Diana Tregarde 03 - Jinx High
Valdemar 01 - Brightly Burning
Valdemar 02 - Exile's Honor
Valdemar 03 - Take a Thief
Heralds of Valdemar 01 - Arrows of the Queen
Heralds of Valdemar 02 - Arrow's Flight
Heralds of Valdemar 03 - Arrow's Fall
Valdemar Last Herald Mage 01 - Magic's Pawn
Valdemar Last Herald Mage 02 - Magic's Promise
Valdemar Last Herald Mage 03 - Magic's Price
Valdemar Mage Storms 01 - Storm Warning
Valdemar Mage Storms 02 - Storm Rising
Valdemar Mage Storms 03 - Storm Breaking
Valdemar Mage Wars 01 - The Black Gryphon
Valdemar Mage Wars 02 - The White Gryphon
Valdemar Mage Wars 03 - The Silver Gryphon
Valdemar Mage Winds 01 - Winds of Fate
Valdemar Mage Winds 02 - Winds of Change
Valdemar Mage Winds 03 - Winds of Fury
Valdemar Vows and Honor 01 - The Oathbound
Valdemar Vows and Honor 02 - Oathbreakers
Valdemar Vows and Honor 03 - Oathblood
Valdemar Other Tales of Valdemar 01 - Sword of Ice- And Other Tales of Valdemar
This Scepter'd Isle 01 - This Scepter'd Isle
This Scepter'd Isle 02 - Ill Met By Moonlight
Heirs of Alexandria 01 - The Shadow Of The Lion
Phoenix and Ashes
The Otherworld
If I Pay Thee Not In Gold
Fiddler Fair
Sacred Ground
In Celebration of Lammas Night
Bedlam Boyz
A Ghost of a Chance
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Meredith Ann Pierce
Firebringer 1 - Birth of the firebringer
Firebringer 2 - Dark moon
Firebringer 3 - The son of summer stars
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Michael Moorcock
Elric 1 - Elric Of Melnibone
Elric 2 - The Sailor On The Seas Of Fate
Elric 3 - The Weird Of The White Wolf
Elric 4 - The Vanishing Tower
Elric 5 - The Bane Of The Black Sword
Elric 6 - The Stormbringer
Elric 7 - The Fortress Of The Pearl
Elric At The End Of Time
Dreamthief's Daughter
The Skrayling Tree
Behold The Man
Runestaff 1 - Jewel In The Skull
Runestaff 2 - Sorcerer's Amulet
Runestaff 3 - The Sword Of The Dawn
Runestaff 4 - The Runestaff
The Dancers at the End of Time 1 - An Alien Heat
The Dancers at the End of Time 2 - The Hollow Lands
The Dancers at the End of Time 3 - The End Of All Songs
The Dancers at the End of Time 4 - Legends From The End Of Time
The Dancers at the End of Time 5 - A Messiah At The End Of Time
Chronicles Of Castle Brass 1 - Count Brass
Chronicles Of Castle Brass 2 - The Champion Of Garathorm
Chronicles Of Castle Brass 3 - The Quest For Tanelorn
Corum 1 - The Knight Of The Swords
Corum 2 - The Queen Of The Swords
Corum 3 - The King of The Swords
Oswald Bastable 1 - The Warlord Of The Air
Oswald Bastable 2 - The Land Leviathan
Oswald Bastable 3 - The Steel Tsar
Eternal Champion 1 - The Eternal Champion
The Brothel In Rosenstrasse
The Chinese Agent
Breakfast In The Ruins
The Winds Of Limbo
The Blood Red Game
The Black Corridor
The War Hound and the World's Pain
The Time Dwellers
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Mike Jefferies
Loremaster 01 - The Road To Underfall
Loremaster 02 - Palace Of Kings
Loremaster 03 – Shadowlight
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Patricia McKillip
The Riddlemaster Of Hed
Heir Of Sea And Fire
Harpist In The Wind
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Patricia Wrede
Enchanted Forest 1 - Dealing With Dragons
Enchanted Forest 2 - Searching for Dragons
Enchanted Forest 3 - Calling on Dragons
Enchanted Forest 4 - Talking to Dragons
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Philip Jose Farmer
Riverworld 01 - To Your Scattered Bodies Go
Riverworld 02 - The Fabulous Riverboat
Riverworld 03 - The Dark Design
Riverworld 04 - The Magic Labyrinth
Riverworld 05 - Gods of Riverworld
Riverworld 06 - Riverworld and Other Stories
Tales of Riverworld
World of Tiers 01 - The Maker of Universes
World of Tiers 02 - The Gates of Creation
World of Tiers 03 - A Private Cosmos
World of Tiers 04 - Behind the Walls of Terra
World of Tiers 05 - The Lavalite World
World Of Tiers 06 - More Than Fire
Image Of The Beast
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Philip Pullman
The Golden Compass
The Subtle Knife
Amber Spyglass
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02-13-2007, 04:48 PM

Piers Anthony
Xanth 1 - Spell For Chameleon
Xanth 2 - The Source of Magic
Xanth 3 - Castle Roogna
Xanth 4 - Centaur Aisle
Xanth 5 - Ogre Ogre
Xanth 6 - Night Mare
Xanth 7 - Dragon on a Pedesta
Xanth 8 - Crewel Lye
Xanth 9 - Golem in the Gears
Xanth 10 - Vale Of The Vole
Xanth 11 - Heaven Cent
Xanth 12 - Man from Mundania
Xanth 13 - Isle of View
Xanth 14 - Question Quest
Xanth 15 - The Color of Her Panties
Xanth 16 - Demons Don't Dream
Xanth 17 - Harpy Thyme
Xanth 18 - Geis of the Gargoyle
Xanth 19 - Roc and a Hard Place
Xanth 20 - Yon Ill Wind
Xanth 21 - Faun & Games
Xanth 22 - Zombie Lover
Xanth 23 - Xone of Contention
Xanth 24 - The Dastard
Xanth 25 - Swell Foop
Xanth 26 - Up In A Heaval
Xanth 27 - Cube Route
Xanth 28 - Currant Events
Guide To Xanth
Incarnations Vol.1 On A Pale Horse
Incarnations Vol.2 Bearing An Hourglass
Incarnations Vol.3 With A Tangled Skien
Incarnations Vol.4 Wielding A Red Sword
Incarnations Vol.5 Being A Green Mother
Incarnations Vol.6 For Love Of Evil
Incarnations Vol.7 And Eternity
Battle Circle Vol.1 Sos The Rope
Battle Circle Vol.2 Var The Stick
Battle Circle Vol.3 Neq the Sword
Apprentice Adept 1 - Split Infinity
Apprentice Adept 2 - Blue Adept
Apprentice Adept 3 - Juxtaposition
Apprentice Adept 4 - Out of Phaze
Apprentice Adept 5 - Robot Adept
Apprentice Adept 6 - Unicorn Point
Apprentice Adept 7 - Phaze Doubt
Kelvin of Rud 1 - Dragon's Gold
Kelvin of Rud 3 - Chimaera's copper
Kelvin of Rud 4 - Orc's opal
Tarot 1 - God of Tarot
Tarot 3 - Faith of Tarot
Through The Ice
Tatham Mound
Gutbucket Quest
Shade of The Tree
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R A Salvatore
Icewind Dale 1 - The Crystal Shard
Icewind Dale 2 - Streams Of Silver
Icewind Dale 3 - The Halflings Gem
Dark Elf 1 - Homeland
Dark Elf 2 - Exile
Dark Elf 3 - Soujourn
Legacy of the Drow 1 - The Legacy
Legacy of the Drow 2 - Starless Night
Legacy of the Drow 3 - Siege of Darkness
Legacy of the Drow 4 - Passage to Dawn
Demon Wars 01 - The Demon Awakens
Demon Wars 02 - The Demon Spirit
Demon Wars 03 - The Demon Apostle
Demon Wars 04 - Mortalis
Paths of Darkness 01 - The Silent Blade
Paths of Darkness 02 - The Spine of the World
Paths of Darkness 03 - Servant Of the Shard
Paths of Darkness 04 - Sea of Swords
The Cleric Quintet 1 - Canticle
The Cleric Quintet 2 - In Sylvan Shadows
The Cleric Quintet 3 - Night Masks
The Cleric Quintet 4 - The Fallen Fortress
The Cleric Quintet 5 The Chaos Curse
The Hunter's Blades 01 - The Thousand Orcs
The Hunter's Blades 02 - The Lone Drow
The Hunter's Blades 03 - The Two Swords
Crimson Shadow 01 - The Sword of Bedwyr
Crimson Shadow 02 - Luthien's Gamble
Spearwielder's Tales 1 - The Woods Out Back
Spearwielder's Tales 2 - The Dragon's Dagger
Spearwielder's Tales 3 - Dragonslayer Returns
Attack Of The Clones
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Raymond Feist
Daughter Of The Empire
Mistress Of The Empire
Servant Of The Empire
RiftWar Legacy Vol.1 The Betrayal
RiftWar Legacy Vol.2 Assasins
RiftWar Legacy Vol.3 Tear Of The Gods
RiftWar Saga Vol.1 Magician Apprentice
RiftWar Saga Vol.2 Magican Master
RiftWar Saga Vol.3 Silverthorn
RiftWar Saga Vol.4 A Darkness at Selethon
Krondor's Sons Vol.1 Prince of the Blood
Krondor's Sons Vol.2 The King's Buccaneer
Legends of The Riftwar Vol.1 Honoured Enemy
Legends of The Riftwar Vol.2 Murder In LaMut
Legends of The Riftwar Vol.3 Jimmy The Hand
SerpentWar Saga Vol.1 Rage of a Demon King
SerpentWar Saga Vol.2 Rise Of A Merchant Prince
SerpentWar Saga Vol.3 Shadow Of A Dark Queen
SerpentWar Saga Vol.4 Shards Of A Broken Crown
Conclave of Shadows Vol.1 Talon of the Silver Hawk
Conclave of Shadows Vol.2 King Of Foxes
Conclave of Shadows Vol.3 Exile's Return
Darkwar 1 - Flight of The Nighthawks
Faerie Tale
Eastern Kingdoms
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Robert Adams
Horseclans 01 - The Coming of the Horseclans
Horseclans 02- Swords of the Horseclans
Horseclans 03 - Revenge Of The Horseclans
Horseclans 04 - A Cat of Silvery Hue
Horseclans 05 - The Savage Mountains
Horseclans 06 - The Patrimony
Horseclans 17 - Madman's Army
Castaways in Time 01 - Castaways In Time
Castaways in Time 02 - The Seven Magical Jewels of Ireland
Castaways in Time 03 - Of Quests and Kings
Castaways in Time 04 - Of Chiefs And Champions
Castaways in Time 05 - Of Myths and Monsters
Castaways in Time 06 - Of Beginings and Endings
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Robert Asprin
Myth 01 - Another Fine Myth
Myth 02 - Myth Conceptions
Myth 03 - Myth Directions
Myth 04 - Hit Or Myth
Myth 05 - Mything Persons
Myth 06 - Little Myth Marker
Myth 07 - Myth Inc. Link
Myth 08 - Myth-Nomers And Im-Pervections
Myth 09 - Myth Inc. In Action
Myth 10 - Sweet Myth-tery of Life
Nitpickers' Guide To Robert Asprin's Myth Series
Phules Company
Phules Paradise
A Phule And His Money
Phule Me Twice
The Bug Wars
The Cold Cash War
Thieves World 1 - Thieves World
Thieves World 2 - Tales From The Vulgar Unicorn
Thieves World 3 - Shadows Of Sanctuary
Thieves World 4 - Storm Season
Thieves World 5 - The Face Of Chaos
Thieves World 6 - Wings Of Omen
Thieves World 7 - The Dead Of Winter
Thieves World 8 - Soul Of The City
Thieves World 9 - Blood Ties
Thieves World 10 - Aftermath
Thieves World 11 - Uneasy Alliances
Thieves World 12 - Stealer's Sky
Time Scout 1 - Time Scout
Time Scout 2 - Wagers of Sin
Time Scout 3 - Ripping Time
Time Scout 4 - The House That Jack Built
License Invoked
Mirror Friend Mirror Foe
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Robert Jordan
The Eye Of The World
The Great Hunt
The Dragon Reborn
The Shadow Rising
The Fires Of Heaven
Lord Of Chaos
A Crown Of Swords
The Path Of Daggers
Winter's Heart
Crossroads Of Twilight
Knife of Dreams
New Spring
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Roberta Gellis
Bull God
Thrice Bound
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Roger Zelazny
Nine Princes In Amber
The Guns Of Avalon
Sign Of The Unicorn
Hand Of Oberon
The Courts Of Chaos
Trumps Of Doom
Blood Of Amber
Sign Of Chaos
Knight Of Shadows
Prince Of Chaos
The Dawn Of Amber
Chaos And Amber
To Rule In Amber
The Great Book of Amber
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Sara Douglass
The Wayfarer Redemption 1 - Sinner
The Wayfarer Redemption 2 - Pilgrim
The Axis Trilogy 1 - BattleAxe
The Axis Trilogy 2 - Enchanter
The Axis Trilogy 3 - Star Man
The Troy Game 1 - Hades' Daughter
The Troy Game 2 - God's Concubine
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Stan Nicholls
Orcs First Blood 01 - Bodyguard of Lightning
Orcs First Blood 02 - Legion Of Thunder
Orcs First Blood 03 - Warriors Of The Tempest
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Stephen Lawhead
Song Of Albion 1 - The Paradise War
Song Of Albion 2 - The Silver Hand
Song Of Albion 3 - The Endless Knot
Celtic Crusades 01 - The Iron Lance
Celtic Crusades 02 - The Black Rood
Celtic Crusades 03 - The Mystic Rose
Pendragon Cycle 01 - Taliesin
Pendragon Cycle 02 - Merlin
Pendragon Cycle 03 - Arthur
Pendragon Cycle 04 - Pendragon
Pendragon Cycle 05 – Grail
Code: ‹ Select ›

Stephen R Donaldson
Thomas Covenant 01 - Lord Foul's Bane
Thomas Covenant 02 - The Illearth War
Thomas Covenant 03 - The Power That Preserves
Thomas Covenant the Unbeliever Second Chronicles 01 - The Wounded Land
Thomas Covenant the Unbeliever Second Chronicles 02 - The One Tree
Thomas Covenant the Unbeliever Second Chronicles 03 - White Gold Wielder
Gap 1 - The Gap Into Conflict
Gap 2 - The Gap Into Vision
Gap 3 - The Gap Into Power
Gap 4 - The Gap Into Madness
Gap 5 - This Day All Gods Die
Code: ‹ Select ›

Steven Erikson
Malazan Book of the Fallen 1 - Gardens of the Moon
Malazan Book of the Fallen 2 - Deadhouse Gates
Malazan Book of the Fallen 3 - Memories of Ice
Malazan Book of the Fallen 4 - House Of Chains
Malazan Book of the Fallen 5 - Midnight Tides
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Tad Williams
Memory, Sorrow and Thorn 1 The Dragonbone Chair
Memory, Sorrow and Thorn 2 The Stone Of Farewell
To Green Angel Tower 1 Siege
To Green Angel Tower 2 Storm
Tailchaser's Song
The Burning Man
Otherland 01 City Of Golden Shadow
Otherland 02 River Of Blue Fire
Otherland 03 Mountain Of Black Glass
Otherland 04 Sea Of Silver Light
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Tamora Pierce
Circle of Magic 1 - Sandry's Book
Circle of Magic 2 - Tris's story
Circle of Magic 3 - Daja's Book
Circle of Magic 4 - Briar's Book
The Circle Opens 1 - Magic Steps
The Circle Opens 2 - Street Magic
The Circle Opens 3 - Cold Fire
The Circle Opens 4 - Shatterglass
Immortals 01 - Wild Magic
Immortals 02 - Wolf Speaker
Immortals 03 - Emperor Mage
Immortals 04 - The Realms of the Gods
Protector of the Small 01 - First Test
Protector of the Small 02 - Page
Protector of the Small 03 - Squire
Protector of the Small 04 - Lady Knight
Daughter Of The Lioness 01 - Trickster's choice
Daughter Of The Lioness 02 - Trickster/s Queen
Song Of The Lioness 01 - Alanna The First Adventure
Song of The Lioness 02 - In The Hand of the Goddess
Song of The Lioness 03 - The woman who rides like a man
Song of The Lioness 04 - Lioness Rampant
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Terry Brooks
The Sword Of Shannara
The Elfstones Of Shannara
The Wishsong Of Shannara
The Scions Of Shannara
The Druid Of Shannara
The Elf-Queen Of Shannara
The Talismans Of Shannara
The First King Of Shannara
High Druid of Shannara 01 - Jarka Ruus
High Druid of Shannara 02 - Tanequil
High Druid of Shannara 03 - Straken
Ilse Witch
Magic Kingdom For Sale - Sold
The Black Unicorn
Wizard At Large
The Tangle Box
Witches' Brew
Demon 01 - Running with the Demon
Demon 02 - A Knight of the Word
Demon 03 - Angel Fire East
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Terry Goodkind
Debt Of Bones
Wizard's First Rule
Stone Of Tears
Blood Of the Fold
Temple Of The Winds
Soul Of The Fire
Faith Of The Fallen
The Pillars Of Creation
Naked Empire
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The Earthbound Trilogy
The Lexal Affair
Code: ‹ Select ›

History Of Middle Earth Vol.1
History Of Middle Earth Vol.2
History Of Middle Earth Vol.3
History Of Middle Earth Vol.4
History Of Middle Earth Vol.5
History Of Middle Earth Vol.6
History Of Middle Earth Vol.10
History Of Middle Earth Vol.11
Farmer Giles Of Ham
Sir Gawain And The Green Knight
The Adventures Of Tom Bombadil
The Silmarillion
Unfinished Tales Of Middle Earth
The Hobbit
Quenya Course
Elven Dictionary
The Atlas of Middle Earth
Parma Endorion Essays on Middle Earth
Code: ‹ Select ›

Ursula K LeGuin
The Word For World Is Forest
A Wizard Of Earthsea
The Tombs Of Atuan
The Farthest Shore
Tales From Earthsea
Buffalo Gals
The Other Wind
Changing Planes
The Left Hand of Darkness
Orsinian Tales
The Lathe of Heaven
Ekumen 01 - Rocannon's World
The Ekumen Old Music and the Slave Women
The Telling
The Dispossessed
Four Ways to Forgiveness
A Woman's Liberation
Code: ‹ Select ›

Warren Douglas
The Sacred Pool
The Veil of Years
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ei machoooo umba nam marai ban,kiyala wadak naha niyamai,ane umba langa hitiyanam.

thanks machan than ku very much
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maco sirawatama elekiri hode
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thanx machan
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