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Mahagedara Full Story - 12-12-2006, 03:52 PM

Hi Guys here's da full story of MAHAGEDARA for ran depaya lovers

(belive me i personally hate this crap)

The story, set in Mumbai, focuses on the Virani family which hails from Gujarat. The Viranis are quite successful and well-known in the corporate world. The story is focused on Tulsi Virani, daughter of the family priest, who elopes with the family's eldest son, Mihir. All the members except Govardhan Virani, the patriach, and Amba Virani, the matriarch, are against it. Due to anger, the daughters-in-law of the family, Savita (Apara Mehta), Daksha (Ketaki Dave) and Gayatri (Kamalika Guhathakurta) blame Tulsi for instigating the family's eldest son, Mihir for marrying him and entering the rich household from a smaller, middle-class family. However, due to respect and belief in God Shri Shrinathji, called Thakurji, a form of Lord Krishna, Tulsi fights the injustice and battles her mother-in-law and her mother-in-law's devrani (wives of the younger brothers of a woman's husband), in this case Savita.

The entire serial focuses on the battle between the mothers-in-law and Tulsi and in the process teaching them a lesson and earning respect from her family members. Along the road, many new characters enter the scene and the episodes are spiced up with several affairs. The archnemesis of Tulsi outside the household is Payal, Mihir's one time fiancee who instigates members of the Virani household, especially Savita, to boot Tulsi out of the house so she could have another chance at Mihir. However, Mihir dies (misconception of the family, he has amnesia and is in Delhi) and the bitter fight over Mihir is over between Tulsi and Payal. Due to family pressure, Tulsi agrees to marry another man, but at the altar, Mihir comes back and joy is back in the heart of Tulsi. But, the doctor who took care of Mihir, Mandira is the sister of the groom, Anupam who was supposed to marry Tulsi and plans to get Mihir, since she has fallen in love with him and comes up with some plans to devastate the marriage of Tulsi and Mihir. One of them is feigning pregnancy. In the process, Payal tries to forget Mihir and decides to enter the household by marrying Hemant, Mihir's younger brother and then destroying the entire family, since even Savita won't support her now. But, at last, Truth triumphs and all the misconceptions are gone and everything is fair and well. Tulsi also gives birth to a son, named Gautam who is adopted by her barren sister-in-law. Due to jealousy and animosity, she runs away with the child and her husband, Kiran, younger brother of Mihir to Australia and everyone is shocked. Tulsi tries to forget her son and gives birth to a daughter named Shobha. Pooja, Mihir's cousin Hemant's wife, gives birth to a boy named Sahil.

[edit] The First 20 Year Leap
This was the timeleap during which the transition was made, at first gradually, from KSBKBT’s actors presenting the story to KSBKBT’s story presenting whatever actors were both available and popular. At least until the arrival of the charismatic villainous Ansh midway through this timeleap, no character from any generation was totally neglected. Hemant and Pooja were actively taking sides during the Mandira situation, and Chirag and Prajakta were significant during the prelude to the denouement of Harsh’s true parentage. But after the hugely popular Ansh’s arrival?

[edit] Mandira
Image:Tulsi Virani.jpg

Then Tulsi saw the supposedly twenty-years deceased Mandira alive with Mihir, and became circumstantially convinced that Mihir had concealed Mandira’s existence to have a longstanding affair with her. Mihir explained the truth about the coercive circumstances created by Mandira, but Tulsi didn’t believe him.

Karan then revealed to Tulsi that he was Mihir’s and Mandira’s son. Since Karan believed his mother’s lifelong lies, he blamed Mihir and turned Tulsi against Mihir.

The whole family turned against Mihir, except most recent entrant Teesha who looked on Tulsi and Mihir as her parents rather than in-laws and was certain Mihir loved and adored only Tulsi. After the Gautam-Teesha and Sahil-Ganga weddings, Mihir was goaded by Tulsi into leaving the house. The balancing sweetness in the family came from the doting ‘sisters’ equation established by Teesha and Ganga, and they began to get the distant Sahil and Gautam more and more cordial to each other.Then Shobha and Teesha both became pregnant and everyone was delighted.

But the shadow of the Mandira situation wreaked havoc again, and first Shobha had a miscarriage, and then after Mihir proved Mandira’s truth to everyone except Karan, Mandira tried to kill Tulsi and inadvertently killed Teesha and her unborn daughter instead, as well as faking Mandira’s own death.

Karan still thought his mother was a saint, so he continued his attacks against the Viranis and especially Tulsi’s championing son Gautam. Gautam finally retaliated by tricking Karan’s love and support Damini into marriage but then felt guilty for separating her from her love and tried to reunite her and Karan. But Damini decided to stick with the marriage, and she and Gautam grew to love each other and she and Karan became best friends and confidantes.

Then Karan was proven the truth about Mandira, and Tulsi was persuaded by the Viranis to accept him as her son. Remorseful Karan adored Tulsi, replacing Gautam as her foremost champion, and became the perfect dutiful Virani son. Sahil’s maasi’s (mother’s sister) daughter Nandini arrived and became Karan’s love-interest.

[edit] Ansh
Then it was revealed that Harsh was really Tulsi’s sister’s son, and had been interchanged with Tulsi’s own son. After a lot of efforts, it was found out that Ansh Gujral, a psychopathic young underworld scion, was Tulsi’s longlost son. He was obsessed with Nandini, and entered the Virani family and pretended to improve into a good son and person to trick Tulsi into matchmaking him with Nandini.

Karan sacrificed his love, and Ansh and Nandini married. But he made her life hell, and turned everyone against Karan and Nandini. Gautam and Damini had twin sons, but since Ganga had a miscarriage, Gautam was coerced into giving his elder son to Ganga.

Ansh finally raped Nandini. He also arranged the murder of Shobha’s husband Vishal without letting Abhishek know. Abhishek was Ansh’s crime-associate, Vishal’s business-partner, fond of Vishal, in love with Shobha, and trying to use Vishal without getting him hurt.

Tulsi shot Ansh dead, but – thanks to the zealous efforts of her lawyer friend Meera and Karan – she was sentenced to only three years imprisonment.

Nandini was pregnant with Ansh’s child when she and Karan married. Pregnant Shobha married Abhishek, and bore first Vishal’s son and then Abhishek’s daughter. Nandini went into coma while giving birth to daughter Bhumi, and Karan was persuaded to marry close friend Tanya to provide Bhumi with a mother.

Ganga gave birth to a son Lakshya. When Tanya was happy in marrige with Karan, Nandini came out of coma and returned into Karan’s life. Doctors said Nandini must not have trauma, so Karan’s marriage to Tanya was kept secret.

[edit] Mandira's Back
Mandira is soon back and wreaks havoc yet again, she has also married Adhitya Gujral! As she comes back and brainwashes Karan, or so she thinks, yet its all a drama arranged by Tulsi and Karan, everyone goes against Tulsi yet soon Gatum is kidnapped, but later rescued by Karan and Tulsi.

Thus Mandira decides to kidnapp Bhumi, Nandini's daughter. But is caught and due to Tulsi, Karnan and Gautun's testament in court and Meera's good lawyer skills, is imprisoned. Yet Mandira knows that Meera has a burning Passion for Mihir!

[edit] Tulsi gets Cancer
After this mandira crisis it turns out that Tulsi has lung cancer, and is admitted in hospital and is awaiting her death, everyone comes to see her and soon they all fear that she will die any instant yet after a few weeks worth of episodes, the mellodrama ends, when it turns out that the reports were wrong and she is perfectly heathy!

[edit] Gujral's Back
Ansh’s foster-father Aditya Gujral came to avenge his son’s death, and made the Viranis’ lives hell, taking over their business and wanting custody of ‘grand-daughter’ Bhumi. Nandini finally killed him, and was sentenced to 14 years life imprisonment. (Yes, Tulsi got three years for defending the adult Nandini, and Nandini got 14 years for defending her little daughter!) As per Gujral's will, most of his wealth went to Bhumi but since she was a minor, Nandini looked after the money.

And after she was imprisoned, she requested Karan to look for some Shraddha, whose name was in the will, to give her her share. Tulsi and Tanya investigated and found out about Ansh’s beloved....

[edit] Shraddha?
Shraddha, as it turns out, was Ansh's adored wife and mother of his child, but when she found out that she was terminally ill with a heart-ailment, she left Ansh after lying to him that she was having an affair, because if he found out the truth, the news would simply devastate him. Unfortunately, her performance convinced him so well that she had no hope of undoing the damage when her doting husband turned into a psychopath after the leaving of his 'adulterous' wife.

Shraddha had a son (Eklavya) who, when she died from a heart attack, was taken by Tulsi and Tanya to Shantinektan, where not everyone believed he was Ansh's son. In particular Savita. She claimed that Tulsi has just picked up any old kid and brought him home to mitigate her guilt for Ansh's death. After one accident where Eklavya accidntally pushed Bhoomi, causing her to bang her head on the marble floor and have severe bleeding, that (very laughably and stupidly, because this was really inaccurate enough to laugh at) they had to get a C.A.T. scan done. Savita now hated Tulsi even more for bringing Eklavya home. So after a huge family fight, usual in these soaps, Savita wanted to leave, she said either she or Eklavya would stay here. But Tulsi said she'd leave with Eklavya, who almost everyone loved, other than Savita.

On the morning of leaving, when Tulsi was about to go, she was stopped by Gautam who showed legal documents to the family that he had now adopted Eklavya (without his wife Damini's involvement?!), that he was the legal father of Eklavya now, and that it was Mihir's solution to resolve the crisis. Savita was furious that her son and grandson both sided against her for Tulsi. Tulsi gradually bridged to some extent the distance Savita maintained with Ekalavya.

[edit] Savita VS Tulsi
Meera loved Mihir and had turned negative, and turned Savita completely against Tulsi. Shobha got into politics with her mother-in-law Payal,and Tulsi encourages het to do it, yet Savita is completely against all things Tulsi says or does and tells her not to.

Yet soon Shobha gets shot and Savita lmes tulsi, she is not lettin Tulsi even see her daughter after the accident, let aone nursing her better! Meanwhile Meera is given the task of looking after Shobha, yet the trio of 'bahus', dauter-in-laws (Damini, Ganga and Tanya) find a way of letting Shobha and Tulsi meet.

When Savita realized she had been played against Tulsi, she went against Meera. Mandira and Meera united and arranged Savita’s accident (crushing saita with a buldoser), while all the Viranis except Tulsi were abroad for a few days atend Mihir's nephew's wedding, turning Savita into a semi-vegetable (she could move her arm with the finger she pointed with at Tulsi every time, yet not the rest of her body).

[edit] Savita Dead, Tulsi Framed
In a ridiculization of the crucial ethical dilemma of euthanasia, Tulsi took only a few days to consent to the tormented Savita’s pleas for euthanasia. After Ansh’s death, Savita’s death became the second wedge in Tulsi’s and Mihir’s relationship.

A long court case followed, with family members taking sides of Tulsi or Meera, who was fighting a case against Tulsi for the 'Savita Virani murder case'. No lawyer want's to fight for Tulsi yet Karan sets on a mission to find one.

And he does, in a pub where he meets Vijay saxena, who agrees to fight and win, (he's never won a case before). Soon the case ends branding Tulsi with the verdict of NOT GIULTY. All is well everyone is happy, all but gayatri, who is the heir to Savita's ego and easily made biased mind.

[edit] Scheming and Lies to Follow
Amongst all this Harsh’s scheming gold-digger wife Mohini made two alliances (Meera and Tripti) and her connivance was invaluable in the ouster of two Virani wives (Tulsi and Ganga). Ganga was tricked into believing Sahil was having an affair with Mohini, and humiliated the innocent Sahil, whomshe accused of sleeping with Mohini, resulting in her conceiving; and then letting her have an abortion, into Mohini’s secret best friend Tripti’s arms.

Sahil felt he was with Tripti after Ganga had thrown him out of her life, and Ganga thought he was a serial philanderer with extramarital affairs with first Mohini and then Tripti. Instead of making Ganga see sense and dragging Sahil back, Tulsi sided with Ganga and threw Sahil out of the house.

Sahil’s grandmother Gayatri sided with Sahil and threw Ganga out of the house to bring in Sahil and Tripti, refusing to let Ganga take Nakul and Lakshya with her. Meera convinced Mihir that Tulsi had forced euthanasia on Savita against Savita’s wishes, and Mihir threw Tulsi out of the house. He then burned all photos of her. Circumstances led everyone to believe Tulsi was dead, and Karan turned against Mihir. (First for not valuing Mandira, then for not valuing Tulsi. Karan valued Mihir only if Mihir was valuing whoever Karan considered ‘mother’ at the time!)
Image:Tulsi and Mihir.jpg
Tulsi(right)and Mihir (left) are happy here, but will their marrige always stay so happy?

-->Remorseful teetotaler Mihir turned into an overnight alcoholic, and also made a sketch of Tulsi. But Tulsi secretly returned home a few days later, only the problem was her trust in Mihir was as fragile as his in her, and when she saw Meera initiating an embrace (Mihir repulsed it just as hidden Tulsi turned away) and heard tabloid-reporters discussing the ‘inevitable’ nuptials of the ‘recently bereaved widower’ Mihir Virani with Meera, she left the house and the city without checking the facts. She went to Haridwar, and adopted an abandoned baby girl, who was thereafter named Krishnatulsi (“Tulsi” off Tulsi’s own name, and the prefixed “Krishna” since this was during the Krishnapaksh part of the month by the Hindu calendar).

Later Mihir wen't to Meera's house, drunk and spent the night there doing nothing, yet in the morning, during Mihir's ((hangover))she accused (oviously falsely) of ((raping)) her, and said she wouldn't reveal the truth is she were brought back to Shantiniketan.

[edit] The Second 20 year leap
Soon twenty years alapse after Tulsi's supposed 'death', and everyone, including Meera thinks she had died. Yet she is alive and well in the holy city of Haridwar. She also adopted a girl she found, flating on the river ganga, on a basket over a few flowers and leaves. Soon Tulsi takes her as her own duaghter calling her Krishna Tulsi.

Soon it is Baa's 100th birthday, everyone is celebrating, even Tulsi celebratd it in her own special way. Yet soon even Baa is tired of meera's presence and her negativity towrds Tulsi.

Others tell Mihir to marry Meera yet Mihir, still shattered over Tulsi's death refuses to do so. Meera get's extremely irratated and she does what she's best at, which is being a pain.

[edit] The Second 20 year leap what to expect
Ushering in with its generation next the 7 new faces will hold the new look of the show as they get introduced in the Virani parivaar. KSBKBT has maintained a double digit TRP for more than over 5 years in succession setting a benchmark record in television viewership, and is sure to have the viewers rejoicing this time too with its new look, that the fresh faces bring to the show, with this leap.

Commenting on the occasion said Shailja Kejriwal, Senior Creative Director, Star India, "It was absolutely logical to take this leap, as even after 5 years Kyunki, remains a clear leader amongst television soaps across channels, and to remain at that level its always important to constantly innovate, so it was essential to bring in freshness to the story, with this leap into the future."

Ever since Tulsi left 'Shantiniketan', the house hasn't seen a single day filled with happiness or joy. Ganga's moving out of the house too, has lead to the unsought entry of conniving- Meera into the Virani's house, which is no longer left with any sense of warmth or togetherness. Because of which Mihir finds himself disoriented & totally lost in the dismal situation that 'Shantiniketan' is in. Aging & going forward 20 years the show will bring in a breeze of newness & hope to Virani parivaar as it unveils the 4th generation of the family along with its new protagonist or the heir to Tulsi's legacy named Krishna Tulsi- a new character in the show, she will be a strong character rooted to the culture & family values which are characterized by her innocence, intelligence and go-getter attitude.

Elaborating on Krishna Tulsi, Ekta Kapoor said, "It is time Tulsi passes on the baton to the younger generation. I was very particular about what I wanted from the actor as it is a very important role that she, as Krishna Tulsi, will be playing and I am happy that I narrowed down to the best. I am quite sure she will do complete justice to the role. For six years Kyunki, has been the No 1 serial and the mix of characters will make the plot all the more interesting. Not only the new characters, but also the new sets and the new look of the existing characters will make the prime slot worth waiting."

The serial introduces a mix of characters be it the religious, mischievous, sensitive (Krishna) Laksh, son of Sahil & Ganga, Nakul, who is bitter due to his non-wealthy status. Then there is also the leader Bhumi - a spoilt brat and a tomboy, who is the biological daughter of Nandini & Ansh, and the adopted daughter of Nandini and Karan. We will also see Akashdeep Saighal (Ansh) coming back to the show in the role of Eklavya, where he plays Ansh's son but in a positive role. The family mix completes with Manthan, son of Karan & Tanya, who like Meera and Mandira is shrewd, brooding and very manipulative. Living with this family is also the self-effacing geek Joydeep, a distant relative to the family of Sahil's family, now adopted by Sahil.

Now that all the children are grown up,they start having arguments again. Lakshya Falls in love with Krishnatulsi. And Manthan and Lakshya do not get on very well.
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12-12-2006, 03:53 PM

Budu ammo mata nam be wage meka kiyawanna
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Up 12-12-2006, 03:55 PM

ayyo oya katha balanne kauda
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12-12-2006, 04:07 PM

Originally Posted by Creed
Hi Guys here's da full story of MAHAGEDARA for ran depaya lovers

(belive me i personally hate this crap)
You know its crap!!! Yet still you going against your will to publish this ha????

Trust your instincts mate!!!

Anyway... Nobody likes "GUUU DEPAYA"!!!
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12-14-2006, 11:38 AM

appreciate the hard work done to post such a lengthy story !
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12-14-2006, 11:41 AM

Mahagedara Chikkk! Ekath Kathawakda Apooo.
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12-19-2006, 05:13 PM

diga vadi nadda
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05-22-2007, 01:13 PM

Originally Posted by Oolu
Budu ammo mata nam be wage meka kiyawanna
Very Butifull.
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sad Mati haraka - 01-28-2008, 11:00 AM

Nikan boru Karanne nethuwa innawa.Oya story eka wena web site ekaka mama kiyawala thiyanawa.Hooooooooooo
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01-28-2008, 11:00 AM

I hate this
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