4 Colour  Refill Printer ink

Colombo 4 Colour Refill Printer ink

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  • These bottles are universal and can be used with any printer with a CISS Ink system or refillable cartridges.
  • High color saturation, high fidelity.
  • Ultrafiltration, no clogging caused.
  • Weak acid or alkalescent formula, no corrosion problems.
  • No bleeding, no smear, high print quality.
  • Quick dry formula, satisfaction at high speed printing.
  • Water base formula, no toxicity, no chemical hazards, no environment pollution.
  • Made of imported premium raw material
  • Smooth printing with nozzle clogging-free, settling-free, and bending-free
  • Strong infiltration capacity, no pore lines, no diffuse, no fade when it is wet on the printed graphics context
  • Safe and non-poisonous, harmless to human
  • Universal Refill cartridge 4 colour hp canon brother epson
Visit site- https://mygadgetslk.com/

Island wide cash on delivery
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