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New Seed box Range Available….!!!!!!!

Buy (LKR800.00)
New Seed box Range Available….!!!!!!!

Shared Plans

3TB RAID-10 Storage,

25 TiB Traffic then 100Mbps External/Full 10G Internal,

20Gbps Network

3000 LKR Monthly

EU, Finland

1TB RAID-0 Storage,

4 TiB Traffic then 10Mbps,

10Gbps Network

800 LKR Monthly

EU, Finland

8TB RAID-0 Storage,

Unmetered Traffic,

1 Gbps Network

2500 LKR Monthly

EU, Finland

2TB RAID-0 Storage,

10 TiB Traffic then 10Mbps,

10 Gbps Network

14000 LKR Monthly

EU, Finland

Dedicated Plans

2TB RAID-0 Storage,

Unmetered Guaranteed Bandwidth

100 Mbps Up/Down,

1000 LKR Monthly

GRA, France

**New Dedicated Remote Desktop Series Available.

Intel Xeon E5-1620v2

4 c/8 t @3.7GHz

32GB DDR3 1,333MHz

4TB Storage

1Gbps Download / 100Mbps Upload

3500 LKR Monthly

BHS, Canada

Contact For More Details +94785057568
Contact number
දැන්වීම පිලිබඳ විකුණුම්කරුට ඔබගේ ප්‍රශ්න හෝ අදහස් පහතින් ඇතුලත් කරන්න.
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Do you have anything around 100/200/500 GB range?
Cause I will not be downloading a much during the months time
Minimal Space are OOS at the moment. but they are bit expensive since they have SSDs & 10gbps ports. I'll Let you know once your requirement available