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    Taliban Education Minister says PhD and Master's degrees worthless, mullahs greatest without them

    exactly same in developed countries. Honestly a Taliban Mullah is way better than an arrogant feminist Gender Studies professor at Yale. There's even a term for them. Professionally useless person.
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    Taliban Education Minister says PhD and Master's degrees worthless, mullahs greatest without them

    Yes that makes sense. These ridiculous high degrees are there only to keep a small bunch of swollen headed nut jobs happy in their own confined cocoons. Just think of all the so called scholars in Sri Lanka. Worthless tax money wasters. Real world successful people don't have any of those things...
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    රිද්මට කෙලවෙලා

    Who are these?
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    📷කොවිඩ් පරදා සුනිල් ගෙදර එයි!

    Looks like the idiot has been practicing some kind of Voodoo instead of taking the vaccine. Bloody hypocrite. Superstition kills. Stupidity kills. Get the damn vaccine.
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    ancestry එක හොයාගත්ත

    I've been able to trace my ancestry to 1846 through old documents and deeds I found in our attic. I also tried 23&me but it doesn't give any meaningful results for us in South Asia.
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    උඹලගෙන් අන්තිම පාරට අහන්නෙ

    Life has no meaning or purpose. When you die you die. That's the end. The total end. There's no continuation beyond death. All religions are equally dumb.
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    COVI19 - Selective Reporting in USA මාධ්‍යය සඟවන අඑමරිකාවේ තත්ත්වය

    Guys just watch this rant by Palki. She's got every right to be angry given the way American media over exaggerated the covid situation in India. Now they're playing numb to the real crisis unfolding in USA. No oxygen No ICU beds Hidden death counts the list goes on..
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    ඇස්ට්‍රා සිනිකා එක ගහලා අම්මා අසනීප උනා

    I'm 35 and I took AZ. It was like hell for two days. I think it's just normal. Your mom would be fine in two days.
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    පකිස්ථනයෙන් සහල් ගෙන්වයි. ඊයා ඕයි

    පකිස්තානෙන් තමයි ඉස්සර ඉදල හාල් ගෙන්නුවේ.
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    දරුවන් ගැන සැළකිලිමත් වන්න.අවුරුදු 3ක දැරියක් හිටි හැටියේ ඇඳ වැටී මියයයි.

    අපි ඉස්කෝලේ යන කාලෙත් හොදට හිටිය කොල්ලෙක් ඔය වගේ එක පාරට වැටිලා මැරුණා
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    හොඳටම කරපු නවසීලන්තයට මොකද වෙන්නේ

    Bitch was so late to order vaccines so her failed country is stuck in a never ending lockdown. Poor NZs. They've got less than 5 million people yet the bitch couldn't source enough vaccines.