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    machan podi help ekak deepan
    I recently brought Toyota premio (MFY 2013), I have a small concern regarding
    Engine oil and Filter.

    1 .One good friend of mine told me, Toyota engine oil same as Mobil engine oil
    Just Mobil rebranded as Toyota is it true?
    2. Also Toyota oil filter which is available Sri Lanka made in Thailand and not better than VIC filter is it true?
    3. VIC oil filter which is available in SL made in japan also better quality than expensive Toyota filter?
    4. Previous owner have been used Toyota 5w-30 mineral oil, if Mobil oil = Toyota oil, I will decide to use Mobil 5W-30 Semi-Synthetic.
    Can you please tell me below Mobil Semi-Synthetic not having any issue for my 2013 premio ?
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