1. lasanka

    >> [R&B] Rihanna – Terminator [!!HOT!!]

    CHECK IT OUTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTT NEW HOT RIHANNA SINGLE !!!!!!!!!! ENJOY :) http://www12.zippyshare.com/v/20140371/file.html
  2. lasanka

    Sean Kingston - Fire burning ( HOTTTTTTTTTTT TRACK)

    Hey guys n gals this is a hottttt new track from Sean Kingston called fire burning... its tipped to be the song of the summer download it and check it out ! and post ur comments http://www.mediafire.com/?qm5rzhdt5nm enjoy !!!!!!!!!!!!!
  3. lasanka

    Selling my nokia N82

    Hey, Im selling my N82 (BLACK) the price is 32000 ive used for 9 months.. pls dun say price is too high cos i have arrived at this price because im including a brand new 8gb card with the phone ! i have to sell the card cos the phone i want to buy , there is no need for this card.. if u buy the...
  4. lasanka

    NOKIA N82 BLACK for sale !!

    guys sellin my Nokia N82, used 9 months and i bought it from dubai price is 35ooo, lemme knw and offers asap! thnx tc contact for more info
  5. lasanka


    hey can somebody pls give me a working version of the latest NOrton Antivirus corporate edition FOR XP !!!!!!!!!! please.. help me out
  6. lasanka

    A level ( local -english) projects pls help!!

    hey guys does anyone have any local a level english medium projects that they can give me... need one ... please help anyone.... asap!
  7. lasanka

    24 - Redemption PLS HELP!!!! ( Season 7 episode 0)

    heyyy can anyone please get me links for 24 redemption? it was aired last night in the US and is the episode 0 of season 7... 2 hour long episode PLSSSSSSSSSS find me the low size links.. like 200 mb??? much appreciated
  8. lasanka

    Anyone here using Skywards???

    hey does anyone knw the exact procedure for buying a ticket for another person using skywards miles??? has anyone here done this before ???? any help would be much appreciated!
  9. lasanka

    N81 pls help!

    Hey guys i need to sell my n81 8gb its an awesome phone and ive used it under 2 months. please tell me if ur interested or if u knw anyone hu is... im hoping for 40000 for the phone . the price is quite cheap consodering its under 2 months usage.. please help me out.
  10. lasanka

    N81 8gb for sale..

    hey guys need some help... im looking to sell my N81 8gb phone. its in brilliant condition only used for 6 weeks. the brand new price in SL is 54000 im looking to sell it for 47000. the full packing and headset etc will be given with it. pls reply with any offers... PM me if ur really...
  11. lasanka

    My 14000th post! - After a realllllly long time heh

    Hey guys n gals for my 14000th post i thought id give yall this link hehehe its awesome heheh! http://www.tatuagemdaboa.com.br/ Go to the link, let the page load and then into the first two lines enter ur name and ur surname in the second. then watch and see wot happens! hope yall like it and...
  12. lasanka

    Need some help guys

    hey guys... i used to download music videos , movie etc from a superb site www.stage6.com, they had all divx quality stuff , but now the site is no more. so i was hoping someone might be able to tell me if there is any such site similar to this with high quality downloads??? much appreciated pls...
  13. lasanka

    Iphone theme for s60v3

    hey guys theres an iphone theme for s60v3 which runs on flash ... can anyone find a full working cracked version ??? pls help me out with this. im looking for a fully working version and not the trial. thnx
  14. lasanka

    IPL- Channels Broadcasting !!!!!!!!!!!!!

    hey guys ngal for those interested i thought i'd post some info rgarding the channels that will be telecasting the Indian Premiere League Matches. :) not sure if its a repost but enjoy ! First up SRI LANKA- Sony SET MAX. ( to my knowledge so far this is the only channel that will be showing...
  15. lasanka

    Nokia N81 users

    hey anybody using the nokia N81???/ any recommendations of applications to use on it??? or links to such???
  16. lasanka

    catchin up thread ...

    MR micheal are u dere???
  17. lasanka

    heroes and prison break episodes plsss

    hey can anyone post some direct download links for Prison break S03E02 and Heroes S02E01 plsssss asap!
  18. lasanka

    IM sorry- POEM

    IM SORRY Was meant to be you n me till the end, With you my life i thought id spend Never thought that it could end this way But nw its all wrong weve gone astray Everything i did, i did for you, Coz always in my heart u were my boo, couldnt see it end didnt have a clue Just had my sights...
  19. lasanka

    Transformers movie now screening in MC

    hey guys n gals.. its been a while but hey here i am postin lolz! wel transformers the movie is now screenin at the majestic cinema.. was launched today in sri lanka.. i went for the 1.30 show and man was it awesome... apart from the incredible action packed scenes.. the sound track...
  20. lasanka

    The return of THE GAME ! :)

    Hey guys long time no see! heh hows it goin.. FINALLY ... THE GAME HAS RETURNED ..... TO EK!!!!!!! been a away for over a month... overall other random drop ins... well im back! heh rock on!

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