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    මාර වැඩේ ස්ටුඩන්ට්ලට

    UK ranking 80 is not very bad. There are lot of students who go to ranking below 100 in uk. World rank 1500 is also not very bad considering none of SL unis got a ranking above 1500 in last two decades!!
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    නන්දසේන බැල්ලිගෙ පුතා රට කාපු විදිය ඔන්න

    What about Wimal's role and Cabral's lunatic decisions and Viyathmaga fake experts such as prof Gunaruwan , prof Nalin silva prof Channa Jayasumana, Dr Padeniya and the lot did enough damage to our country . All these lunatic decisions were approved by GR and his corrupt cabinet which included...
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    වසරකට ඩොලර් ලක්ෂයක් ලංකාවට එවන අයට වාහන ගෙන්වීමට අවසර !

    hope that petrol will be issued to RS121. like MPs . Even AKD was silent on this innovative decision of RW-GR govt.
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    චීනයෙන් ශ්‍රී ලංකාවට දැඩි විරෝදය, ඉක්මනින් තමන්ට ගෙවියයුතු ණය ඉල්ලයි

    karunarathna Paranvithana- a corrupt official under CBK and while he was in justice ministry as a co-ordinating secretary to GLP caught red handed , and asked to resign. He was student union president of Art Faculty and protested against GLP who was VC at that time . Now talking rubbish, but...
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    🔴 BREAKING NEWS හලාවත නගරය උණුසුම් තත්වයක්

    stop this nonsense. Isnt it enough that people who brought to attack protesters such as Dr Ramesh , Jhony etc are being compensated at people's expense by govt. So what more ?
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    තවත් 8ක් දිවුරයි..බන්දුලටත් අැමතිකමක්

    President thinks that there is no need for Finance Minister as we are a Bankrupt country. This will again be given to Ali Sabry or president may retain it ! Is this the change people cried and struggled. Only beneficiaries of this struggle are in order Dr. Nandalal, Mr. Ranil Wickramasinghe...
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    ගෑස් නැහැ කියල පාරවල් වහන ගොබ්බයො

    Yes I agree but most of all Who are the fools who bought this Lunatic President and Lunatic Ministers who ruled the country since 2019 Nov and brought it to knees when the writing was on the wall !!
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    ඩොලර් ලක්ෂයක් තැන්පත් කරන අයට ඩොලර් 25000ක වාහන බලපත්

    He is foolish. If not he wont think about crowd finance to collect FC for imports and other FC expenses. He went to IMF without debt repayment plan and also used our FC to rent luxury cars to show off (is there a point in show off when IMF knows all our financial information). If his argument is...
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    දින දෙකක් වයසැති බිලිදෙක් ප්‍රේටල් පොලිමක් බිලිගනි. 🔴BREAKING

    RIP People who got emotional in Parliament for insults to their children and people who share them to seek cheap sympathy should now understand the Crimes these Cabinet ministers and MPs did to whole country. Hatred can only be conquered by loving kindness! So do not get misled by speeches made...
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    නවසීලන්ත ගමනේ සැකයෙන් පසු බිරිඳ මරා සැමියා ළිඳට පනී

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    වාසු, උදය, විමල්ගේ සහායත් රනිල්ට..!🤷‍♂️

    this is another drama by Wimal just to save GR being removed by struggle Gohome Gota
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    🔴🔴 මහින්ද ඇතුළු 7ක් අත්අඩංගුවට ගන්න නියෝග දෙන්නැයි අධිකරණයට පැමිණිල්ලක්

    Not for all the things that he did while in office. Immunity applies to only during the Time of office. Not for all things he did while being President eg if president takes a bribe while in office he cannot be prosecuted but when his terms finishes (retirement/loose election) he can be taken...
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    බැඳුම්කර වංචාව ගැන

    If you did that you must be having an ingenious mind. How much money CB needed at that time? and for what? Why only 1 billion , was advertised if you needed more? Does CB gov have power to increase the amount advertised on his own? If he does so , what is the procedure that needed to be...
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    අප්පච්චිව අත්අඩංගුවට ගන්න - නාමල් බේබි

    May be already got a deal with AG to release him on bail on the day of production! to courts. But who got clubs to Temple Trees and distributed them to assault .
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    හදිසි වැටලීමකින් ඇ. ඩොලර් 47,000ක් බොරලැස්ගමුවෙන්

    Please give this money to Dr. Nanadalal for his Crowd Finance to collect FC for Govt for imports and repayment of loans! (not a joke) So far what he has collected under Crowd Finance may be less than this amount!
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    ලක්ෂ්මන් හුළුගල්ල සමුගනී

    we are a Nation who does not say anything bad about a dead. These are our values. Just keep in mind he was one of the very first to take under CBK s new govt with 'human face' to be accused of many a deal along with Tiran Alles and much later with Wimal too.
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    දියසෙන් කුමාරයා

    Ranil failed twice very badly. Once with CBK and next with MS . In both cases he had 113 or more support to the end. Can we expect same support from MPs now. In any event Ranil's neo liberal ideas are not practical in Sl . That is the reason for his failure in short. Next issue is though he is...
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    කෘතිම සුනාමි අවියෙන් බ්‍රිතාන්‍යයට ගහනවා ලු

    Russia will never say what they are going to do. They said that they will not invade Ukraine but did it. If they possess such a weapon they will use it if they say that they have such a thing they simply do not have one.! May be thinking or research had failed. Putin is also like other world...

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