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    Prime Video | PREMIUM | 3 Months 🔥

    Information please 🤓
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    asus amazon

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    Presto Lanka Review

    Machan did you order it?
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    ඉන්ටෙර්නෙට් ප්‍රශ්න

    1. Dialog 2. HBB Unlimited 2Mbps 3. Yes 4. I have used Mobitel HBB, SLT 4G, SLT ADSL this is the only package I could ever be satisfied. 😅 * My Monthly usage is around 300GB - 400GB. Maximum was the first month I changed to this unlimited package which was 560GB. :) Speed is just okay. I can...
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    Amazon භාණ්ඩ ආනයනයේදී tax එක ගැන පැහැදිලි කිරිමක්..

    As far as I know you won't have to pay any money other than the import fees deposit. Even If the actual tax is more than the estimated tax deposit of amazon you won't have to pay it. Amazon will take care of it and if the actual tax is less than the deposit you Wil be refunded the extra amount...
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    Shipping from india

    Use Forward Parcel. I have used it and its service is reliable and customer service is the best.
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    When Not Shipping To SL

    Use a parcel forwarding service.
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    Chromecast with Google TV වෝල්මාට් ඩීල් $39

    Machan UI eke for you section eka recommendation ehema wadada? Nettan loading error Kyl watenwda?
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    Buy a TV

    My recommendations, 1. Buy from Damro. Their after service is the best 2. Don't waste your money on a so called smart TV. Buy a regular TV and plug a decent Android TV Box with Netflix Certification. 'Cause most of the so called Smart TVs can't even handle a 1080p HEVC 10Bit video. (Not...
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    අසාර්ථකවීම් ජීවිතයේ කොටසක් ඒවායින් පසුබට නොවිය යුතුයි!-ජනපති

    Why tf this guy can't shut the fuck up already? If he can't do anything right he should at least do that. Lol
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    What The FUCK Wrong with People

    What The FUCK is Wrong with YOU Just mind ur own business man. Lol
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    Favourite pornstar

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    Questions Anyone used Planet Express Forwarding from USA?

    I got it monday.It took 2 weeks to arrive after I sent that form via register post. Marked value was 19.99USD and the tax was 562LKR.(Port & Airport Development Levy).And the postman delivered it to the doorstep and collected tax. only the packaging was checked by customs.They havent unboxed the...
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    Amazon Prime 🔥 අවුරුද්දක්ම ..... බලන්න..... 👑

    I got mine for My android TV box and everything is working. Thank you 😊😊😊

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