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    Guys, Anyone know a contact of greasemonkey? I did a purchase and fuckers aren't answering the phone nor replying to the emails.
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    Air Fryer Reviews

    Guys anyone using air fryers? Is it good? Is it worth the money?
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    Aragalaya Fuckers Plan to Fix the Country :-D

    Either the fuckers don't have a plan or they are too shy to tell their plan
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    Normal Fuel Requirement for the Country

    Guys, Does anyone know what is the daily/weekly fuel requirement for the country in normal circumstances? What is the normal tanker arrival frequency? Right now regardless of how much fuel is released you see long queues everyday. Not sure if it is because everyone is trying to go full tank of...
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    A Question to all my Aragala friends

    Now since none of you guys agree to Ranils appointment, Tell me what is/was your/your leaders plan and ask to revive this country from the current state and what is/was the long term plan. Tell me how you or your leaders think to address these things. Let's see how realistic those answers...
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    Rift Within the Family?

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    Ranil's Lesson to the Rest (If he ends up as the PM)

    Puthala, Politics aside if Ranil ends up the PM, Sajiya, Lapaya, kernel and all of us got to learn one thing from him Know when to quit negotiating and pick the deal that is on the table, because if you try to bargain further you will end up with nothing :ROFLMAO: :ROFLMAO:
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    Will Vehicle Prices Go Down?

    Guys, Thought of starting a thread for an interesting discussion because I see this popping up everywhere and might be good to put everything in one place. My Answer to this is NO (atleast not drastically). The reasons I see is given below with a comparison. Feel free to put your arguments...
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    Vehicle Help Needed :-D

    Guys, Decided to go for a civic 1000cc. Now the problem is octane 95. Heard a temp solution will be using 92+octane booster. So if you guys can, help me out with the following Recommend an octane booster I can buy from SL. I saw the following on daraz but not sure if it is the right one...
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    Dear Admin

    @GTRZ @tintin123 Guys I see some new idiot @CRILIZ who is spamming threads tagging me for no reason. Appreciate if you can look in to it and block this dude if required.
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    Vehicle Help

    Guys, So I started itching and want to buy a civic 1000cc sedan (not hatchback) for 14mil. Anyone can tell me the pros and cons of the vehicle?
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    Ex Beauty Queen Has Died?

    Guys, Just came across this on FB. Anyone know anything about it? https://www.facebook.com/search/top?q=kasunika wickremarachchi I am always interested in stuff like this. So if it isn't your cup of tea feel free to ignore it ;-)
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    Things to Follow When Working for a Company

    Guys, Just wanted to share a few things that I gathered during my carrier. Going to put it here so that anyone who is a fresher or who is thinking of making the same mistakes can learn it. Feel free to translated this in to sinhala if required. It is just a Job - Nothing more Nothing less Do...
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    How Do We Get Money - (For the Benefit of Everyone (including Ratharan ;-) ))

    Guys, Can someone explain to me how money travels across countries. For instance let's say India gave us a loan or something. In that case how do we get it? When migrant workers sent money (USD) to SL how do we get that? Basically how does this shit work? When SL say that they have USD does...
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    Glasses to Wear when working with Monitors

    Guys, Any recommendations for a pair of Specs or glasses (or what ever the fuck you call it), that will help your eyes when you are staring at monitors for long durations? If you can let me know the place to buy them too it would be great Thanks in advance.
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    Who gets credit for starting the movement?

    Guys, Just curious, Who started this movement? I see a lot of fucker trying to take credit and hijack this. I remember seen Pathum Kerner starting the # thing, but was it his or did he steal it from somewhere else?
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    Payhere Fucked?

    Have these fuckers been lying to the users?

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