1. SLhuman

    ලංකාවෙ LGBT

    i also thought so till i saw it first hand in australia....trust me it can be another cancer
  2. SLhuman

    ලංකාවෙ LGBT

    this cancer has come to sri lanka also .....ohh shit
  3. SLhuman

    Udemy courses අරන් දෙනවා දවසට 3 ගාණෙ. 😍

    https://www.limetorrents.lol/Beginner-to-Pro-in-Excel-Financial-Modeling-and-Valuation-torrent-13461214.html methana badu thiyenawa....ganin. anith ekath thiyenawa
  4. SLhuman


    reality of married life. the woman you see is not what you get. some men can live with this shit till they die. some move on . your wife does not respect you because she does not see you as an alpha male. simple as that.
  5. SLhuman

    මේ ටයිම් ඒකට Yes FM පට්ට!

    true...mata nam awul
  6. SLhuman

    අළුත් කඩේ කෑම හලාල් ...

    my personal view is most shops in sri lanka dont have any hygiene standards.....unclean as ever
  7. SLhuman

    Endless Petrol and Diesel Queues in the Capital of Sri Lanka

    when you live alone in your house.....dont you get any nosy dickheads coming and asking you why you not married? where do you work? do you cook alone?......i know of a friend who gets so much stupid questions like this in his neighbourhood in wattala.
  8. SLhuman

    ණය ඉල්ලා ඇමරිකාවේ නඩු දමයි.

    once he goes remittances start to come...investment comes for a stable country. even the donors have told to sort the governance issues for them to intervene
  9. SLhuman

    Things I Learned Spending 12 Hours in a Queue

    i agree with all you said. this society is all about entitlement. car driver think he can overtake the 3 wheeler and not give a damn about road rules. doctor thinks he is extra special. one once went to buy a car and the guy was telling me about the car history and that he is a doctor so he...
  10. SLhuman

    අඩු කුලේ බේබද්දෝ රට ගියහම...🤬🤬🤬

    we as a nation are not matured enough to take seasoned decisions. thats what the sudda also told us that if we were given voting rights we dont have the maturirty to vote sensibly
  11. SLhuman

    වැඩි වයස් විවාහ

    nothing much if you got the cash,,,and can fuck. girls just want someone who can look after them
  12. SLhuman

    Bloody Doctors

    its her shed. she owns the place, and she was at hospital. thats what i got to know. and if she was cheating will she do it in marine drive?...
  13. SLhuman

    Mekige boobs eliye

    අරගලය මුවාවෙන් මෙතන වෙන වෙන ඒවා promote කරන ගතියක් මට පෙන්නෙ. අන්තීමට තිබ්බ ප්‍රශ්ණ එහෙමමයි වෙන trend එකක් යන පාටයි🙄 Well if he had a medical condition he could have dressed in a decent shirt or t shirt not revealing it in such a way which sends a double meaning.he had a different motive...😐...

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