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    Type of Immigrants from Sri Lanka to the west and South pacific

    Over the years, people of varying types emigrated from Sri Lanka to the US, European countries, Australia New Zealand and other SE Asian countries. During the years gone by it was mostly skilled who went out for family reunions. More recently and with the war there were true and bogus asylum...
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    Victoria Nuland

    U.S. Under Secretary of State for Political Affairs Victoria Nuland Travels to Colombo for Bilateral U.S.-Sri Lanka Talks https://www.bbc.com/news/world-europe-26079957
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    This has happened in Ukraine in 2017

    In 2014 ------ Post added on 1648001517
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    Finance Ministers of Sri Lanka

    Junius Richard Jayewardene 26 September 1947 - 13 October 1953 Oliver Goonetilleke 14 October 1953 - 30 June 1954 M. D. H. Jayawardena 1 July 1954 - 18 February 1956 Stanley de Zoysa 12 April 1956 - 22 November 1959 Wijeyananda Dahanayake M. M. Mustapha Sri Lanka Freedom Party 22 November...
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    ITN - Valentine day celebration

    ITN Valentine day celebration is not second to Sinhala/ Tamil New live telecast. Good distraction for the hungry populace. Years ago some priests organised Sil programmes on Valentine day, but now on the same bandwagon.
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    Is facebook down?
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    John MacAfee

    John McAfee: Anti-virus creator found dead in the prison cell. Jeffery Epstein sex offender too died in his prison cell hanging. With his death lot of his associates sighed a breath of relief. His associates included prince andrew of UK, Bill Clinton, Donald Trump, Bill Gates etc ..
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    Time spent on Governance

    Time spent on Governance is inversely proportionate to visits to Anuradhapura and temples.
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    Unity Plaza - Covid19

    HOME BREAKING NEWS UNITY PLAZA CLOSED AFTER 4 EMPLOYEES TEST COVID POSITIVE Unity Plaza closed after 4 employees test Covid positive 15 December 2020 12:20 pm - 0 - 2292 A A A All shops at Unity Plaza in Bambalapitiya have been closed after four employees tested positive for Covid-19...
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    Looks like with the election results people who are celebrating in group gatherings have forgotten about the risk of Covid19. If there is a resurgence who will be held responsible. Why are the health authorities silent.?
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    Went to Mobitel office Ramanayaka Mawatha. It’s closed and the security said that it will not open today. No reason given...Why? Why?

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