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    Controversial Mankad - India vs England Women's 3rd ODI

    No issue at all. I hope more bowlers do this. England always come up with "spirit of the game" when it happens to them. Where was this spirit of the game when they were awrded 5 runs in the world cup final and won because of the rules.
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    My Fiverr Earnings (2022 September 22)

    He got 2 PhDs and MBA's already lol.
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    18 කෑලි ♥️😍

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    බානුක ගෙ ආගම

    Televangelist scammers. Sad thing is even young educated people are getting caught in this bullshit.
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    පොඩි Gaming Youtube Channel එකක් 👽

    New releases wala gameplay danna..chance eka wadi wei viral yanna puluwan....Last of us Part 1 remake f0r ps5 and saints row wage dan popular...anyways goodluck with your channel.
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    පොලොන්නරුවට ආපු KFC 🍗 😛

    Elakiri is not posh ban..just typical fastfood
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    රාජය විශ්වවිදයාල රැග් vs පුද්ගලික විශ්වවිදයාල රැග්

    Mu jeewitheta campus ekak atulatwath giya ekkek nemi wage dana gon post balapan.

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