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    Marketing කොලිෆිකේශන්ස් සහ ජොබ්🙂

    kelinma PGDip eka karanna. Salli, kaalaya ithurui
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    Janaki Wijerathne

    සපුමල් පෙදෙසෙ මැද හරියෙ. අලුත් පාර පැත්තෙන් තමයි යන්නෙ එන්නෙ.
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    Janaki Wijerathne

    sapumal pedesa near kalegana.
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    Janaki Wijerathne

    Kalegane koheda?
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    Help on a research

    bump Bump ------ Post added on 1656565283 Bump ------ Post added on 1656571460 Guys, Need some more responses. Kindly do a favour by filling out this form. https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1...WBfAXBJSCFOnTm8HHLQyUlLIs6OrxzTQ/formResponse ------ Post added on 1656582001 bump ------ Post...
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    Help on a research

    Your genuine answer is what I need. No matter if it is good or bad. :yes::lol:
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    Help on a research

    thanks bump ------ Post added on 1656497001 Bump ------ Post added on 1656515628
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    Help on a research

    Hi, Friends, I am doing research on the Service Quality of the Board of Investment of Sri Lanka. If any of you have obtained any kind of service from BOI, kindly go to the undermentioned link and fill out the form as a favor...
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    පගා ගහන ජොබ්

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    Need to get web statistics

    Can anybody give a link to a free tool to get statistics of a website? Data can be like page visits, country of visitors, etc. These data are needed for research. Thanks in advance.
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    කහන ප්‍රශ්නයක්

    Allergy ekak
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    ඉන්දියාව සහ ශ්‍රී ලංකාවේ විදුලි පද්ධති ජාල සම්බන්ධ කිරීම

    In 80s, when Mahaweli project was going on, we had plans to give electricity to India too.
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    Computer hardware course එකක් කරලා හරි යයීද😏

    Do a UGC approved degree. Don't waste your time and money for things which don't have much value.
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    Wife In High Depression

    wife family eke only child da?
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    28 යනවා....

    Good luck, bro

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