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    Oensys Capital

    mama ehe waeda.. awulak nae.... covid kale'th mgmt eke witharak padi kapagena anith haemotama 100% gewwa wellawata .. dhaen 50k withara pannala dev's la innawa...
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    Sanjiva Weerawarana (WSO2) Resigns from the ICTA Board

    what this doesnt address is how he wanted WSO2 layer to be the main provider here
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    DGI Mavic Mini

    still banned, you cant fly it
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    WHAT IS THE WATCH YOU WEAR? Audemar Piguet offshore diver IS IT BRANDED - yes WELL KNOWN FAMOUS OR NOT? Not that famous AND WHAT DO YOU RECOMMEND FOR A WATCH? something that is recognized as a good watch AND WHAT ARE THE DREAM WATCHES OF YOURS? a patek phillips AND WHAT ARE THE MOST FAMOUS...
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    RC ට්‍රක් එකක්

    buy a thunder tiger MT4 G3
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    Top-10-richest-People-in-Sri lanka

    such a joke., dont think MR can have USD 18 Billion and hide it and keep it without the world knowing ... and USD 2M is only about 340 million rupees .... that is peanuts for our people
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    Need Developer Job

    call 0114345888 www.oensys.com [email protected] they were looking for someone
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    Damro Office Chairs

    go to space italia , and ask for a person called priyantha and say you got the reference from oensys .. you can good chairs, with 2 year warranty for less
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    Apple Watch series 4 or Tissot watch

    Tissot for sure .... look at PRC 200 or closer to that (
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    Millennium IT work කරන අය එන්ඩ

    LSEG had 3 companies in SL 1: MIT ESP - ( in colombo 7- glass house) this was sold, now owned by ambeon group 2: MIT SW - (malabe) this is still with LSEG, now called LSEG tech 3 BSL - ( trace city ), this is still with LSEG, and does support work for LSEG
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    New IT Companies

    oensys Capital www.oensys.com මෙක අලුත්ම එකක්, හදලා තියෙන්නේ MIT founder member කෙනකුයි MIT COO එකතුවෙලා
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    .Net Developers wanted - good salary

    A new startup is looking for a Senior .net developer for 3 months contract pls send CV's to [email protected]
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    Pooja Umashankar Sex Scandal

    PM pls
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    සළු පට අහසට තියන්වද...... කොහෙවත් හොයගන්න නෑ මචන්:oo:
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    Exclusive For Elakirians..

    සළු පට අහසට තියන්වද...... කොහෙවත් හොයගන්න නෑ මචන්
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    IIT computer science ද Jaffna computer science ද?

    IIT for sure https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SacvCbloDAM&feature=youtu.be https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SacvCbloDAM&feature=youtu.be
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    Help guys how to Resign from job

    resignation letter dhenna kalin .. labour tribunal yanna ... eka thama hodhama kramaya...
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    LED TV

    dish tv ganning... i have Samsung 46 LED running DISH TV and another samsung 40 inch running DTV.. and since both of them run mostly the same feeds its easy to compare.. even the normal SD channels of Disht TV is much much better .. colors are about 150% better ..
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    You tube -Highest hit count by a sri lankan!!!!

    This guy is surath godfrey, he lives in Singapore. he almost has 1 million hits.. lets help him get there !!!! support pls !! link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gQc_62XTEd8

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