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  1. ltty head

    Land side vs sea side land price in colombo

    Machanla anyone knows why sea side land prices are little less expensive than land side ? was checking in to real estate business and was wondering. for example. In colombo 04 land side 1 perch is going at 15 million + while at sea side 1 perch is going at 10 million +. Same applies to Colombo...
  2. ltty head

    පරන ගෙදර අයිත්කරයාගේ ලියුම් අපට එනවා

    මචන්ලා අපේ අලුතෙන් ගත්ත ගෙදර address එකට පරන අයිත්කරයාගේ ලියුම් එනවා. ගොඩක් ලියුම් එන්නේ බෑන්ක් වලින් and diloag එකෙන්. මේ අයිත්කාරය දැන් රට migrate වෙලා ඉන්නේ. දවසක් බෑන්ක් එකෙන් ගෙදරටත් අවා හොයෝගෙන. අපි කිව්වා දැන් මේ ගෙදර අපි ඉන්නේ, previous owner migrated කියලා. එතොකොට බැංකුවෙන් එහුවා...
  3. ltty head

    Senior citizen fixed deposit 12 months

    හලෝ මචන්ලා උඹලා Senior citizen fixed deposit දාලා තියෙනවද ? මට අපේ ආච්චිගේ නමට එකක් දාන්ඩ පුලුවන්ද ? FD rates එහෙම දැන් එනට අඩුයි ලේ නෙහ්. Any risks in this investment?
  4. ltty head

    MG ZS, HS, eZS owners in SL ?

    Hi Machanla, How is your experience so far with MG ? i heard Micro service is not that good but they partnered with other agents like care point. Also i see so many vehicles in the road and also a decent second hand market ? people who bought at 49.75 last year are selling at 47 or 46 not...
  5. ltty head

    Money vs Leasing when buying a new car

    මචන්ලා සල්ලි දීලා (full cash) වහනයක් ගන්න එක ලාබද නැත්නම් lease කරන එක ලාබද? වාහනයේ මිල : 50 අතේ ඇති මුදල : 65 depreciation rate වැඩි නිසා අවුරුදු පහෙන් පාඩුව කොහොමෝ තියේද මන්ද. can we do a fixed deposit against this cash and get the car ? what is the best way මචන්ලා ? බම්ප් එකක් දාලා යමු. +++
  6. ltty head

    Car leasing vs PCP (Personal Contract Purchase)

    I am new to this term PCP. has any one got experience with this model ? මොකක්ද බන් මේ ? පාඩුද වාසිද ? ලංකාවේ දැන් මේ option එකත් තියෙනවලු නේ.
  7. ltty head

    Going to buy a house

    Friends need advice about an investment plan. Option 1 Planning to buy a house in an apartment in between bambalapitiya to wellawatta. House price is 30 million. (owned by a relative at the moment) Selling the current house, vehicle and a land to get this house. Will this be a good...
  8. ltty head

    ලංකාවේ පොල් වල මිල ගණන් 2010 වර්ෂයේ සිට 2018

    ලංකාවේ පොල් වල මිල ගණන් 2010 වර්ෂයේ සිට 2018 ලංකාවේ පොල් වල මිල ගණන් 2010 වර්ෂයේ සිට 2018 අපි කතාකරන්නේ Large Coconut ගැන (Colombo District) 2010 වර්ෂය අවසානයේ - 44 rupees approx 2011 වර්ෂය අවසානයේ - 39 rupees approx 2012 වර්ෂය අවසානයේ - 42 rupees approx 2013 වර්ෂය අවසානයේ - 56 rupees approx...
  9. ltty head

    xiaomi Redmi Note 3 Pro in EDL mode. always red led blinking

    Machanla, I was researching the entire day to fix this issue in xiaomi Redmi Note 3 pro. the miui forum says this is like a brick situation. below is what i did. 1. went to fastboot mode. 2. plug the usb cable. 3. ran the reboot-edl.bat file. it contains the below lines of code (echo off...
  10. ltty head

    මගේ යාලුවෙක් ගේ අතින් රිය අනතුරක්

    මගේ යාලුවෙක් ගේ අතින් රිය අනතුරක් මචන්ලා 60 years old uncle කෙනෙක් හැප්පිලා එයාගේ කකුල කැඩිලා. Surgery එකක් කරලා තාම unconscious.මගේ යාළුවා who was driving is in police now. they are going to arrest him. this uncle who got accident is From Nuwera Eliya and there is no other info about him...
  11. ltty head

    Car seller tried to cheat me

    Hi Machanla, Last week i visited a car sale in borella junction, just opposite the commercial bank. (not mentioning the name of the car sale in public) prior to the visit, i called the guy and asked the grade and if there is auction sheet and weather any repair and so. the owner told me, they...
  12. ltty head

    Documents needed to sell a vehicle

    Machanla, vehicle ekak sell karaddi, ara form tikak thiyenawane fill karanda? to do the transfer ? from where can i obtain those forms ? whats the procedure and duration ?
  13. ltty head

    Premio 2011 vs Axio 2014 (help me choose)

    Hi machanla, budget is 5 million. i have thought of Premio 2011 & Axio 2014 What do you think is a good choice? I have used Axio so i know about it. i dont know much about premio but as i heard its 1800 CC and it has more space than Axio. hows the fuel consumption in premio ? maintenance...
  14. ltty head

    Term Investment with Commercial Leasing & Vehicle

    Machanla need advise, i need to know if its worth and risk free to invest money on term investment at commercial leasing for 5 years under the rate of 13.7%? i am selling my car (honda GP5) and getting 4 million. investing that on term investment, they said monthly they will pay me approx 48...
  15. ltty head

    Daihatsu Terios 2011

    Machanla Daihatsu Terios 2011, 60 000 km mileage ekak watinawada 43 lacks walata? rear space eke, can one person sit in case of a 6 head trip? fuel consumption kohomoda? please advice
  16. ltty head

    Best time to travel to NE this Friday by car (Nov 3rd 2017)

    Machanla, can you suggest me the best time to travel to Nuwera Eliya Town this friday, Nov 03rd by Car? i thought to leave from Peliyagoda at 2.00 am in the morning, hoping to reach the NE town by 7.00 am And a nice place to have lunch and dinner in the NE town ?
  17. ltty head

    To go Kandy tomorrow 6.30 am from Peliyagoda

    Machnala, heta Kandy walata yanda hondama para mokakda machan? considering traffic and police. from Peliyagoda to kandy? how long will it take? And suggest me a good place to have lunch at Kandy?
  18. ltty head

    EPF දාලා නැහැ ETF දාලා

    EPF දාලා නැහැ ETF දාලා EPF දාලා නැහැ ETF දාලා මචන්ලා කැතම සීන් එක කියහන්කෝ .. මගේ EPF මාස 3ය් දාලා තියෙන්නේ අවුරුදු දෙකක් වැඩ කලාට.. Company එක lost එකෙන් ලු යන්නේ ඇහුවම කියනවා. කොහොමොද බන් සල්ලි ටික ගන්නේ ? මුන් අද හෙට company නම මරූ කලොත් මොකෝ වෙන්නේ ? කාටහරි මෙහෙම වෙලා තියෙනවද ?
  19. ltty head

    EPF Balance චෙක් කරන්න

    මචන්ලා කොහොමොද EPF balance චෙක් කරන්නේ ? where to go? And කොහොමද ETF balance චෙක් කරන්නේ ? use කරන උං ඉන්නවද ? මට මගේ last month balance එක චෙක් කරන්ඩ ඕනි. as i heard, year 2017 balance will be updated, in year 2018 second half. (after June) is that true? isnt there...
  20. ltty head

    School Admission Grade 1 - Marks System

    මචන්ලා මන් දන්නා details ටිකක් share කරනවා Grande 1 school admission ගැන under distance category, you are eligible only if your house and school in distance of 2.5km (you can still apply if its bit far) Total marks = 100 (breaks in to 2 parts 50:50) 1. 1st 50 This is for the address where...

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