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    follow this link :ROFLMAO::ROFLMAO::ROFLMAO: https://shrinkme.us/listverse-mice
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    කම්මැලි මිට්ටනි - උබලටත් මේ වගේද?

    https://todoist.com/productivity-methods/pomodoro-technique refer to this link its simply like a timer, you set a timer for work mostly 25min, in this time you will only focus on that work(ex. study a topic, code a function, etc) and after that take a 5 min break. this loop continues usually...
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    කම්මැලි මිට්ටනි - උබලටත් මේ වගේද?

    some solutions, I am using to overcome my burnout and might be useful for you. 1. Meditate 2. Pomodoro 3. Go to a digital library, or co-work if possible. I am in a country where government gives free digital library spaces, where all people come and co-work 4. No-fap 5. Reward yourself after...
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    Passport Online

    online apply karana link eka mokadda
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    මට දැන් හොදයි

    බෙහෙත් නවත්තන්න එපා දොස්තර කියනකන්.
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    High Commission Of Sri Lanka in Malaysia

    Check the Google reviews. Many have cancelled trip to Sri Lanka, because of rude behavior of these so called representatives of Sri Lanka Today I called to ask about renewal process about my LK Passport and i was trying to call from 1+ hour and there is no one to attend the call Really disappointed
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    applicants looking for employment:

    Not to demotivate, but i got to know that saudi recently forced its companies to employ saudi nationals for executive levels and many have lost jobs because of this. specially high paying jobs
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    අරක කහනවා උදව්

    keep that area clean and wear clean under wears
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    Thailand,Malayasia citizen ganna barida?

    can take pr but not citizenship
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    තමන්ගේම website එකක්

    look on freelancer websites as well. Hope all goes good for you
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    ලංකාව ගොය යන ලකුණු‌. සල්ලි කාර රටවල් ලංකාව ගොඩ දාන්න පෙරමුණ ගනියි

    wena un apiwa goda danakan balan innakan lankawata goda emak ne, hamadema nikan denawa, minissunta ganak na. itn minissu ewa winasha karala dawa.
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    යෝෂිත බේබි මිල් ගයා

    yoshita muge ganitath gahalada danne na
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    Best Full Body checkup Package in SL !!

    durdans has some packages, i did few years ago, it was ok for me https://www.durdans.com/health-screening/

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