1. ZeeEch88

    EXPO Lanka invest කරපු අය ඉන්නවද?

    i purchased expo shares @ LKR 14 per share during their IPO in 2011. Sold it in 2021 December
  2. ZeeEch88

    අත් වැඩ (.)(.)

    must be a mentally unstable case
  3. ZeeEch88

    කන්නාඩි දාන උන් වරෙන් පොඩ්ඩක්

    Vison Care is overrated. Try going to Vasan. I went there 10 years back and it was excellent. Not sure how the service level is now
  4. ZeeEch88

    උබ කිරියට සෙට් උන අවුරුද්ද?

    2005/2006 may be. I use to download songs from EK. Created an account only recently.
  5. ZeeEch88

    කොළඹ අවටින් හොද perfume එකක් ගන්න තැනක්...

    https://srilanka.naseemperfume.com/ tried and tested. It is a big brand in the middle east.
  6. ZeeEch88

    Kauda bn me bitch

    Looks like Omalka Jayamanne (AKA Sanji Jayamanne)
  7. ZeeEch88

    මුස්ලිම් කෙල්ලෙක් එක්ක කොට්ටක් පනින්න..

    ගොඩක් සිංහල ගෑනු හම්බයෝ ගාවට යන්නේ සල්ලි වලට
  8. ZeeEch88

    මුස්ලිම් කෙල්ලෙක් එක්ක කොට්ටක් පනින්න..

    i once took a muslim chick from Colombo University for a movie in a Box (all i could afford then). We had a mutual agreement that we are not getting into any relationship and we just have fun. It was like a friends with benefits thing. had good fun. she was clean as well :giggle:. Lost contact...
  9. ZeeEch88

    උඹලට කොහෙන්ද මේවා

    Chetana in the first video use to be a talented hotty. Now she has started behaving like a mongal case
  10. ZeeEch88

    Wanindu Banned !

    https://www.espncricinfo.com/story/hasaranga-suspended-from-playing-sri-lanka-vs-bangladesh-tests-1425423 I think Wanindu came out of test retirement and was included in the test squad because of the expected ban for ridiculing the umpire, so that he won't be banned for any of the T20 world...
  11. ZeeEch88

    නුගේගොඩ ලෙස්බියන් ලයිව් මාට්ටු

    must be Lyceum or Royal Institute :ROFLMAO:
  12. ZeeEch88

    Cricket match link

    SL Vs AFG
  13. ZeeEch88

    Cricket match link

    any commentary should be okay
  14. ZeeEch88

    Cricket match link

    Anyone got a link to watch today's match ?
  15. ZeeEch88

    බැඩ්මින්ටන් ගහන උන් ඉන්නවද

    https://www.eliteshuttler.com/products/arcsaber-11-play https://www.eliteshuttler.com/collections/badminton-racquets/products/astrox-lite-43i
  16. ZeeEch88

    බැඩ්මින්ටන් ගහන උන් ඉන්නවද

    yonex light weight arcsaber 11 wage hondai. make sure you play with good intensity to reap the benefits of badminton
  17. ZeeEch88

    සැපක් ගත්තා.

    @shaducool - You didn't post her picture with the red bra

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