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  1. Myth airdrop

    join - admin/Mods pls dont delete the link as it is an airdrop go to link . paste your ETH adress & submit, if you dont have an etherium wallet , go to appstore, search for trust wallet. install , open app trust wallet, touch, ETH , PRESS RECIEVE , COPY THAT ADRESS...
  2. Myth

    pickmefood possible glitch?

    xxxxx restaurent ekakin rice & curry pork - white rice - 01 - 4xx. 00 rs rice & curry pork - red rice - 01 - 4xx .00 rs add to cart , then changed the mind , goto cart and removed the both pork rice & curry items & orderd 2 rice & curry chicken, amount was 3xx .00 x 2...
  3. Myth

    cigarette bona un

    umbala dawasata cigaratte kiyak bonawada? reason ? adicted , stress, isolation ? cigarette bona gaman beema ,plain tea, coffee, milo ,kiri packet , kiyak bonawada dawasata ?
  4. Myth

    Red light dada kiyada?

    Red light eke dala alluwama dada kiyada? 😬 Usavi yanna oneda?
  5. Myth

    Unlimited Biriyani offer 1200/=

    Taj samudra offer's unlimited biriyani during lunch time at their Indian restaurant navarathna . 1200/= per person. Only on weekdays lunch. Vegetable / chicken/ egg biriyani. Gihin kaapalla supiri.
  6. Myth

    Win 10$ Crypto Puzzle

    Find the 15 crypto coin names in the puzzle. ( ex - Dash / Decred / Fantom ) coins are within 1-200 in market cap - Words can go in any direction. Words can share letters as they cross over each other. 1st Winner will be getting 10$ UsdT
  7. Myth

    Silk road 2021 Torrent Download
  8. Myth

    Paypal , Dispute

    Friend & Family payment ekak dispute ekakin reverse karanna puluwan da?
  9. Myth

    Wrong Turn 2021

    Melo rahak na , umbala baluwada
  10. Myth

    Paypal family & friends

    *Paypal family & friends transaction ekak reverse karanna puluwan da? *im about to sell a service that i cant get back after i give out, (digital content) Once i sold it , what if the buyer reverse the transaction , even after he received what i promised. Any solution experts ?
  11. Myth

    1600 Taj samudra indian dinner snack

    Eat as much as you can indian street food promo @ 1600/ nett atTaj samudra colombo
  12. Myth

    Cheap vps hosting

    Best budget vps hosting monada? Requirement - 100 gb & maximum Up time
  13. Myth

    26% hondada?

    26% profit, return of investment per year kiyanne honda da?
  14. Myth

    Inverter + car battery + smps , backup power

    Inverter+ car battery backup power use karana un innawada? Inverter size + battery size Battery charging method Kiyanna puluwan da ? For 1 pc , 2 lap top,
  15. Myth

    VoC plate

    VoC plate karana kawru hari innawada?
  16. Myth

    Tron TRX ponzi

    Tron ponzi walata ahu wela athe tiyana salli nati karaganna epaa. Onna kiwwa. Egyptu karayonge aluthma sellama.
  17. Myth

    තොපිට කොයින්ද මෙව්වා 😎

    තොපිට කොයින්ද මෙව්වා😎 image uploading site
  18. Myth

    fed up with bitcoin talks & price hikes?

    confused with all these bitcoin talks ?still think that you couldn't get on the train?worrieng about the price of btc? dont get upset , there are other coins that you can afford & get you some decent profits. as you can see on the chart other coins follow btc pice with time , & they are...
  19. Myth

    3.5mm jack splitter

    3.5mm head phone jack splitter ekak ganna tiyenne koheda? Tab to > sound bar + subwoofer ekakata out denna oone *Tab doesn't support dual bluetooth *Sound bar support bluetooth * subwoofer doesn't have bluetooth * Both have 3.5mm input
  20. Myth

    btc all time high 25924$ today

    btc all time high 25924$ today!

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