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    Giant Straw Animals

    Straw Animals Fall is a season of harvesting, and festivals to celebrate it are currently taking place all over the world. In Northern Japan, the Wara Art Festival recently rang in the September-October rice season, and it’s a wildly inventive and fun way to repurpose rice straw left...
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    Disturbing Photos

    Julia Popova, Russia Julia was stabbed by a street robber while coming back to home from the office. For a moment, she didn’t realize the pain that she had been stabbed. The knife missed an inch from her spinal cord Sudan This picture was captured by Sudan a famous photographer...
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    චූටි මල්ලියි පොඩි මල්ලියි ඩිලන්තයි ලැම්බ

    චූටි මල්ලියි පොඩි මල්ලියි ඩිලන්තයි ලැම්බ s4obJGsydzw
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    ජලයෙන් සැගවුණු

    ජලයෙන් සැගවුණු ගංගාවක් තුල සැගව තිබුණු ශිව ලිංග දහසක් දැඩි නියගය සහ අධික ජල පරිභෝජනය නිසා ඉන්දියාවේ Shamala ගංගාව සිදී යාමෙන් ජලයෙන් යටව තිබු මෙම ශිව ලිංග මතුව තිබෙනවා ... සංස්කෘත භාෂාවෙන් "දහසක් ශිව ලිංග "යන අරුත් දෙන Sahasralinga ලෙස හදුන්වන මෙම ස්ථානය දැක බලා ගැනීමට...
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    Vagina Juice බොමු

    The Order of YONI Origin The name of the beer is The Order of Yoni. Wojtek Mann, the founder of the company explains that the word “yoni” means “vagina” in the Sanskrit language and the logo/artwork associated with the beer is also the symbol of a Hindu Goddess. How it is made...
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    Comment Your PooP position and find out your PooP buddies
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    After finding out that she had to be naked in front of Leonardo DiCaprio, Kate Winslet decided to break the ice, and when they first met, she flashed him The hands seen sketching Rose are not Leonardo DiCaprio's, but director James Cameron's. In post-production, Cameron...
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    Hurricane Irma damage and destruction in the Caribbean Waves crash into El Morro in Havana after Hurricane Irma Residents walk on Havana's flooded sea wall as the ocean crashes into it A sailboat is beached in the cemetery of Marigot Water fills a street near the Malecon...
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    අද ලෝකය

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    The Giant

    If I were to die tomorrow, I know I have eaten more good food, drunk more beer and fine wine, had more friends and seen more of the world than most men ever will. - Andre the Giant *By the age of 12, André the Giant was so large that he did not fit on the school bus. So, playwright...
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    මාලු (කුණු) කානු

    මාලු (කුණු) කානු :sorry: Re-Post Original Detailed thread by Executer මෙන්න කානු ලංකාවේ(හීනෙන් ) ජපානේ විතරයි Drainage canal in Japan is so clean they even have fishes in it Source:FB Fqpr_2uKzwY
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    Game Of Thrones Origin

    The Game Of Thrones Origin Story Source:gameofthronesseason
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    ලොව විශාලතම ගුහාව

    ලොව විශාලතම ගුහාව Hang Son Doong දැනට ලෝකයේ සොයා ගනු ලැබූ විශාලතම භූගත ගුහාව ලෙස Hang Son Doong සලකනු ලබනවා .. මෙහි මුළු විශාලත්වය කියුබික්මීටෙර මිලියන 38.5ක් පමණ වෙනවා.. 1991දී වියට්නාම ජාතිකයෙකු වන Ho Khanh විසින් මෙම භුගත ගුහාව සොයා ගනු ලබනවා .. නමුත් නැවත ගවේශනය සදහා...
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    වැඩක් ඇති වැඩක් (සංඥා)

    වැඩක් ඇති වැඩක් (සංඥා) FB දැක්ක ගොඩක් වටිනා page එකක් තමයි " වැඩක් ඇති වැඩක් Wedak Athi Wedak" හොද දෙයක් දැන ගන්න/ඉගෙන ගන්න කැමති අය page එකට like එකක් දාල follow කරන එක වටිනවා
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    අලි ගල

    1973දී සිදුවුණු ගිනිකදු පිපුරුමක් හේතුවෙන් අලියෙකුගේ හැඩයෙන් යුත් මෙම ගල නිර්මානය වී තිබෙනවා .. මෙය Heimaey යනුවෙන් හැදින්වෙන අයිස්ලන්තයට අයත් වෙරල තීරයේ ඇති දූපතක පිහිටා තිබෙනවා ... වර්ග කිලෝ මීටෙර 13.4ක් විශාලත්වයකින් යුක්ත වෙනවා .. වසරකට මෙය නැරබීම සදහා අධික සංචාරකයන්...
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    Our Solar System

    දැනුමට යමක් - 02 1. The Sun accounts for about 99.86 percent of the total mass in the Solar System. The Sun is the most important source of energy for life on Earth and also the biggest body in the Solar System. Its mass is over 330,000 times that of Earth and is about 99.86 percent of the...
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    Bored But Creative

    *Be careful when doing PE *Anything can happen when swimming *Just about anyone should, in fact *Math stimulates imagination and helps develop spatial thinking *The food chain *When you love music more than history *Only a true artist can see a bird in his hair...
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    කට්ටිය Live දැකල තියෙන්නේ මේ අතරින් මොනවද ?:P *Round: Round in shape People with these types of boobs don’t need a padded bra for shape as it’s naturally done already. *East West Nipples point outwards and general boob area gravitates away from the center of the chest . ...
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    Amazing Fountains

    *Floating Faucet Fountain Some of the coolest designs listed here are able to fool our eyes. This is another one located in Spain, this time at Aqualand in Puerto de Santa Maria. Can you figure out the illusion here? Give up? The way this works is that there is a metal pole in the...

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