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    Vehicle buying advice

    2nd Hand ekak balanawa ganna,not planning to spend much because prices are inflated and just need to move around in comfort Options are(based on budget) 1.Demio 2007 2.Swift 2007/8 3.Nissan Sunny 2006/7 4.vios 2003/4 What is the best option In terms of maintaining and re sale Thanks
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    Advice to buy a vehicle

    Cefiro 230Jm ekak thiyenawa 2006 model(good condition)meka ganna hondada?minada thiyena awul? 120,000 km karala thiyenne Fuel mata prashnayak naha
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    Highest number of elephant deaths in the world reported in Sri Lanka – COPA

    The Committee on Public Accounts (COPA) has been informed that the highest number of elephant deaths in the world due to the human- elephant conflict is annually reported in Sri Lanka. Sri Lanka has been ranked second in reporting the highest number of human deaths due to the human- elephant...
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    Questions With the sky rocketing Cost of Living have yout Salarues also increased

    Padi wadi wunada? Edit - sorry for the typo in the heading
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    Isolated area ekekata yanna puluwanda

    I have something to collect from a friend,he is in an isolated area in colombo,how to go?
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    අඹ ගසේ දලඹුවන් ඇත

    Eliyata bahinnath baha,how to get rid of them?
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    Microsoft office free download

    Pls tell me where I can download rhis to my PC(cracked version) All torrents i have downloaded doesn't work
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    Best place to buy a Laptop

    After sales service qalin mokakda Honda 1.Abans 2.Singer 3.Softlogic 4.Metropolitan Thanks you
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    Where to buy luggage padlock

    The combination type,need urgently
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    Good External Hard drive

    What's a good external hard drive brand?need 1 TB and where to buy with reliable warranty
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    1080 P videos on VLC

    Walking dead TV series eka bawa,1080,VLC eke balanna Baha stuck wenawa. What else can I use to watch this without getting stuck
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    Going through a breakup, kochchara kal yanawada normally to get back in life? I still see her at work everyday
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    Mr Paint hondada?

    Car eke yata dirala,tinkering karanna one
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    Colombo -Aluthgama

    Colombo- Aluthgama bus eka mokakda?het poya dawase bus thiyeyda?
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    Android Recovery help

    මගේ Android Tab එක රිසෙට් කරා ,මට Google account එකෙ password මතක නෑ.recover කරන්නත් බෑ, කොහොමද මම game's වල progress ගන්නෙ?මම ආයෙත් අලුත් account එකක් හැදුවා. මම reset කරන්න කලින් Android folder එකෙ Data & OBB Files copy කරගත්තා.මට තියෙන ලොකුම අවූල War Robots ගෙම්බන් එක (3 years progress)
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    Help Movie ID

    Trying to remember an enlglish horror movie I watched about 10-15 years back,it went on channel eye or something Story is about a family going on a trip(in a jeep),they stop at a cafe and the cafe owner tells them to go through a short cut that's not there in the map they end up in a deserted...
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    IQ options

    Anyone using IQ options? How do you withdraw money to your account?
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    Schengen visa

    How much does Schengen visa cost?and how to apply?
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    KFC Submarine

    Kfc Submarine kaala thiyenawada?hondaida? Quantity ehema dinemore wageda?
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    Where to buy Laptop

    Softlogic,Abans ekai athara mokakda honda? Dell/HP laptop ekak ganna, Warranty/After sales easy koheda?

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