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  1. rsherath

    Huawei Mediapad T1 7.0

    Anyone using this tablet?
  2. rsherath

    Is Something Wrong With Dialog TV?

    Machan, Is something wrong with Dialog TV? Once I turn on the TV, "E16-4" message showed. That's it.
  3. rsherath

    About Kinza

    Anyone know about software development company called Kinza? It's in Delkanda, Nugegoda.
  4. rsherath

    Infinity Migration Services - Deatils

    Machan, Do you guys know about this place? Are they good consultant firm?
  5. rsherath

    Buying Mini Washing Machine

    Hi All, I need to buy mini washing machine (between 3KG to 5KG)? Do you guys know any place. I tried singer but they are not selling :(
  6. rsherath

    Axienta - Details

    Machan, Are you guys know about software developing company called Axienta?
  7. rsherath

    Cheapest Insurance Company

    Machan,What is the cheapest (lowest rate) insurance company for a car in SL?
  8. rsherath

    Best Bike Under Rs. 250,000 in SL

    Machan, 1. What is the best bike under Rs. 250,000 in Sri Lanka? 2. What is the best bike in Sri Lanka?
  9. rsherath

    Business Analyst Salary in Sri Lanka

    Machan, What is the salary for Business Analyst in these days?
  10. rsherath

    GT Nexus

    Machan, What you guys know about this company?
  11. rsherath

    Don't buy shirts from "House of Fashions"

    Few weeks back I bought a shirt from "House of Fashions" and look what happened after single wash and ironing. It's pity that "House of Fashions" selling these kind of crap to their customers. So if you planning to do shopping in upcoming days, keep in mind to avoid buy this brand from "House of...
  12. rsherath

    Junior Android Engineer or Business Analyst

    Machan, Today I got two job offers 1. Junior Android Engineer with high salary from star-up company 2. Business Analyst with medium salary from reputed bank Which one is better to select?
  13. rsherath

    Mitsubishi Lancer CS3 2008 Or Nissan N17 2008

    Hi Guys, We are planning to buy "Mitsubishi Lancer CS3 2008" or "Nissan N17 2008". More or less both are same except engine capacity (CS3 - 1600cc and N17 - 1300cc). CS3 will cost 2.3 and N17 will cost 2.2. As far your experience which one is more worth to buy? Thanks
  14. rsherath

    Honda Civic (EK3), Mitsubishi Lancer (CS1) or Mazda Familia (BJ5P)

    Machan, These days I'm looking for a car around 17.5 laks. Here are the options for me. 1. Honda Civic (EK3) 2. Mitsubishi Lancer (CS1) 3. Mazda Familia (BJ5P) How about fuel consumption and comfortable of above three? Which one you recommend?
  15. rsherath

    Buying Mitsubishi Lancer 2003

    Machan, I'm planning to buy Mitsubishi Lancer 2003. What are the things I should consider? How much I should spend for that kind of car? Is there any other good alternative? My max budget is 20.
  16. rsherath

    Study Opportunities in USA

    Guys, There are some undergraduate and graduate study opportunities in USA with scholarships. If you are interesting please send message to me.
  17. rsherath

    Best internet plan in Sri Lanka

    I want to buy internet package. According to your experience what is the best internet package in SL? Please answer below questions 1. What is the GB limit? 2. How much is the monthly rental?
  18. rsherath

    "Srilankan Holidays - 2015" Android App

    Guys, I create small android app to show list of holidays in Sri Lanka for year 2015. If you are interesting please download it using below link
  19. rsherath

    පොඩි හාමුදුරුවෝ අද අසරණ වෙලා

    පොඩි හාමුදුරුවෝ අද අසරණ වෙලා
  20. rsherath

    How you found your job?

    Hello Friends, These days I'm search a job. So how you guys found your job?

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