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  1. srishanss

    Mobitel / Hutch Time based plans

    Machanla, Mobitel, Hutch time based use karana aya poddak check karala balanna. Speed aka patta slow karala. torrents nam patta aul. site aka white list karala network dekema full speed pennanawa. akata giyama patta adu speed akak pennane. aka thamai actual speed aka...
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    Hutch Telegram

    Hutch has added Telegram for their unlimited Rs. 271 plan. Youtube, WhatsApp, FB සමග Telegram, IMO ත් අසීමිතව සැරිසරන්න රු. 271 පමනි (දින 30ක් වලoගු වේ). සක්‍රිය කිරිමට රු. 271 Reload කරන්න /Hutch App එකට පිවිසෙන්න. Mobitel tested it on valatine's day, Hutch gave it today :P
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    Mobitel unlimited Facebook, Instagram and Twitter

    Aith FB, instagram, Twitter social Media plan aka dila neda. Rs.99 plan aka. This time 8Gb for Facebook and Instagram. 2Gb for Twitter and LinkedIn. After allocation uth unlimited wage with reduced speed. Anyone knows how to activate it pls share here. Source - on a WhatsApp group. Below...
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    Cheap Premium Accounts

    Cheap Premium accounts are on sales. Disney plus, NordVPN, Hulu, Spotify, Tidal, 18 + accounts, Scribd, Torrentday, IP torrents, Crunchyroll, Grammarly and much more. join below whatsapp group for free giveaways, acc accounts come with 1 year guarantee...
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    🔥Weekend Offer🔥

    Netflix Premium ❤ Hulu with All add ons ❤ NordVPN 2 years🔥 YouPorn Premium 🔥 Tidal Unlimited music ❤ PornHub Premium 🔥 Premium Grammerly 🔥 Windscribe VPN 50Gb 🔥 RedTube Premium 🔥 WWE Premium 🔥 Validity - 1 year with guarantee Limited bundles available. Join the whatsapp group from below...
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    Netflix - Premium accounts

    Free giveaways denawa machan la. palaha thiyana whatsapp group akata join weyan. HBO Now, Netflix 4K UHD, Spotify, Tidal, IP Torrents, Torrentday, Plex TV, Premium Porn Accounts :yes:, Grammerly, NordVPN, WWE and much More Trusted seller who provide guarantee. Private and Shared both...
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    Netflix,Spotify,Hulu,NordVPN Accounts

    *🔥Weekend Offer🔥* Netflix Premium ❤️ Hulu with All add ons ❤️ Crunchy roll Premium 😎 NordVPN 1 year 🔥 Tidal Unlimited music ❤️ Spotify 🔥 Premium Grammerly 🔥 Windscribe VPN 50Gb🔥 Validity - 1 year with guarantee Limited bundles available. With much more premium accounts. Join the...
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    GOT Season 8 Live Streaming

    *😎HBO*😎 accounts on *HULU* with all *US Live TV and much more contents* *Rs. 4000 with NordVPN* *🤩Watch Game of Thrones S8 live on this Sunday the 14th, Live @HD* 🤩 *1 Year Guarantee!* Note: US IP is required for watching hence bundled the offer with best NordVPN. *Hurry limited...
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    Watch GOT Season 8 Live

    HBO accounts on Hulu watch Game of Thrones Season 08 on 14th April live. Netflix Spotify and much more premium accounts for cheap. Join the WhatsApp group on below link,
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    Netflix and Spotify

    Netflix, Spotify, GRAMMARLY, PornHub 💪, WWE, Hulu, NordVPN, Crunchyroll and much more Premium accounts for very cheap price comes with 1 year full GUARANTEE. WhatsApp group link, Telegram link,
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    Premium Accounts

    Halo Friends, Netflix, Spotify, WWE, Naughty America, Brazzers, Pornhub, NordVPN, TunnelBear, AVG, BitDeffender, Grammarly and much more. Join the whatapp group on below link, All accounts come with 1 year replacement Guarantee :D:D .
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    Amazon Prime Video, 18+ Spotify, Netflix Premium Accounts

    Amazon Prime Video, 18+ :rofl: (30+ porn accounts including Nauhty america, Brazzers and GirlFriend Revenge) Spotify, Netflix Premium Accounts and much more premium accounts on sale for super cheap price with guarantee. Join the whats-app group from below link...
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    Premium Accounts - EK big discount

    Halo Machanla. Podi WhatsApp group akak patan gatha. Katiyage support aka one. Netflix , NordVPN , Spotify premium accounts for cheap with guarantee!! Elakiri kollonta discount akak denawa. Code : elakiri18 Mentioned the above code for special discount. Join my Whatsapp group on below...
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    Cheap/Free Spotify Premium Accounts

    Join the WhatsApp group from below link. Very low price Premium Spotify Accounts with Replacement guarantee. Join the group and stay tuned for free accounts giveaway.
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    Cheap PSN accounts PS4

    Check it out the below group for PSN accounts. Still waiting for that AAA game you always wanted that is too expensive in PS store? Look no further we might have just what you need + some extras 😉
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    Cheap Netflix Accounts

    Legit Netflix Accounts are available for cheap. WhatsApp on 0777446776. --------------------------------------------------- 🔥**Netflix Accounts Available**🔥(Private and Shared) Account's price is LKR 3000 for shared and LKR 5000 for private. 12 months Membership 🔰Payment Via Commercial...
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    Mobitel Unlimited Master data

    Guys any one using this??? it says unlimited. Below phrase is confusing, can someone who uses this plan comment on FUP?? bcoz i called the call center and they said after 1.5Gb speed will be down only up to 4Mbps :baffled: "The speed may get reduced depending on a number of conditions such...
  19. srishanss

    No Fuel - Strike

    Breaking news Fuel - Strike Until Mr. Ranathuga is arrested no fuel supply from CPC. Source - Sirasa
  20. srishanss

    Ronnie Leitch

    Popular singer & entertainer Ronnie Leitch passed away in Perth while on a tour of Australia -Keerthi Pasquel, chairman, SL Singers' Assn

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