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    ධම්මික පෙරේරාගෙන් රනිල්ට කනේ පාරක්!

    Noticed that too....In all his interviews, he talks about the electronic assembly business and the hotel at Katubedda Junction as his early businesses. And that's it.... He never discusses his full journey to the point he could acquire Hayleys. By the time he started investing in Colombo stock...
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    Sri Lanka vs England

    Nahane 11PM SL time?
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    ලංකාවෙ ෆෙමිනිස්ට් ල ඉන්නවද ?

    On Twitter radical feminism is fairly common. There are tons of them.
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    Software Engineer Vacancy

    Post the salary and other benefits
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    Delta is concerning.....

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    මූල්‍යම උපදෙසක් දීපල්ලකො!

    This is possible, yes. It was restricted for a while, but now you can use your PFC to trade with brokers like UStocktrade. Not with LKR though... The only option would be to buy USDT/USD with LKR through a local seller, which I think is an expensive process with all the commissions and...
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    මූල්‍යම උපදෙසක් දීපල්ලකො!

    If you don't need this money for at least until the next 5 years, the best options are to 1. Buy a residential ready land. Look for the highway network and select something which is not so close, but also not so far. All the lands right next to the highways are already appreciated, but you can...
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    මූල්‍යම උපදෙසක් දීපල්ලකො!

    He can't do with his LKR.
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    මේ ඩෙක්ස්ටොප් එක හොඳද කොල්ලනේ ?

    DVD writers oneda me kale ? Printer/scanner ekak ganin thawa ganak dala
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    ලෝක බලවතුන් අතරට ගිය ලාංකීය යුවතිය ජයත්මා

    She is a talented girl. I would say she also had quite a bit of luck, which is not a bad thing. She was the runners up in the EYLA 2012, a local youth competition. This was the catalyst for her. After that, she did well to grab other opportunities that came through the national youth council...
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    තාත්තා නැතිවුනා බන්.

    ඔය දුක තේරෙන්නේ ඕකට මුණ දීපු කෙනෙක්ට විතරයි. තාත්තට සංසාර ගමනෙන් එතෙර වෙලා අමා මහ නිවන් සම්පත් ලැබේවා කියලා බෞද්ධයෙක් විදිහට මම ප්‍රාර්ථනා කරනවා
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    PhD/MSc Scholarships | Europe | UK | Australia

    Aus, UK, USA puluwan if you have good grades. Europe wala baha In Countries like Germany, Switzerland, Austria, You have to have a MS to start a PhD.
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    අත් වැඩ (.)(.)

    Who is this?
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    ජෝ බයිඩන් ඵරුන ප්‍රශ්ණය

    Just imagine if this guy dies, Harris would become the president. Good luck to the entire world!
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    පේනියර් පලවෙනි විත්ඩ්‍රෝවල් කළා සිහලු

    It used to be as simple as telling the bank, I get payments in USD. I don't know whether there are restrictions on new accounts.
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    පේනියර් පලවෙනි විත්ඩ්‍රෝවල් කළා සිහලු

    Good job. Keep going! Don't withdraw though...At least open a local PFC account.
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    ගබ්සාව ගැන ඔබේ අදහස.(Vote)

    Let's see some statistics. Reasons for an abortion survey (a research done in the US in 2013) In the survey woman had the option to select multiple reasons if applicable. Medical reasons (both for mom and the...
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    ගබ්සාව ගැන ඔබේ අදහස.(Vote)

    Does the life begin only once it passes through the vagina?

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