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  1. dina84

    මතක මන්පෙත් ( නව කතාව )

    මතක මන්පෙත් ( නව කතාව ) 1 වන නැවතුම :love::love: මොකද බන් මුජ්ජො කරන්නේ. පොඩ්ඩක් කල්පනාවෙන් හිටපන්කෝ අපටත් වැඩක් කරගන්න දීලා. බලපන් දැන් සර් කරයා මෙතැනට ආවොත් අපි ඔක්කෝම ඉවරයිනේ . හරි බන් උඹට පොඩ්ඩක් කට පියාගෙන ඉන්න බැරිද පූසෝ. දැන් උඹට ඔය කඩි කුලප්පුව හැදිල වගේ කැරකෙන්නේ මොකද. නෑ...
  2. dina84

    Handloom මහන තැනක්

    මට handloom රෙදි මහන තැනක් දන්නවනම් කියනවද. 1. Saree 2. Sarong 3. Lungie දැනට රෙදි ගන්නේ කොටුවෙන්, මහරගමින්.:yes::yes::yes:
  3. dina84

    Sarees and footwear business

    I'm intending to start a saree and footwear business. If anyone knows wholesale suppliers for sarees and footwear please let me know. :yes::yes::yes::yes::yes::yes:
  4. dina84

    Custom printing of plates

    I need to get a custom printed plates and finger bowls. This is for an alms giving purpose. If you know any contact of a person who is doing this kind of thing, please inform. Quantity will be 12 each.
  5. dina84

    Vacancy for draughtsman in AC field

    Should have atleast 3-4 years experience in drafting using Autocad in HVAC industry. Work place : Colombo in a high rise building project. Immediate recruitment. Please PM if you are interested.
  6. dina84

    Vacancy for a Purchasing Officer

    There is a vacancy for a purchasing officer in a reputed company related to Air conditioning. Company handles projects related to installation of HVAC systems. Selected candidate should have an idea about the items required for these systems and need to purchase these items, once the...
  7. dina84

    23rd May

    23 වෙනිදා නිවාඩුද මචන්ලා (රජයේ).......?
  8. dina84

    Motor prices

    Does any body have an idea about the prices of below mentioned induction motors. 4 Pole, 3 phase Capacity - 15 kW , 45 kW, 18.5 kW, 22 kW I tried some suppliers, but they are not responding at the moment.:sorry::sorry::sorry:
  9. dina84

    Job Opportunity for a Mechanical Engineer

    There's an opportunity for a mechanical Engineer in a well reputed company in Sri Lanka. Job role will be to look after an installation of VRV system for a multi storied building. Location : Colombo ( Near Gangarama Temple ) Experience : Preferably at least 1 year in the AC installation...
  10. dina84

    Proposal for a job title

    Can anyone suggest an attractive title name instead of Sales Engineer.:yes::yes: This job is mainly dealing with projects related to building industry (HVAC). Individual has to promote an entire system of products to the client / consultant. The job title should be attractive and also...

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