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    Can we trust Sense.lk

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    Tyre Rebuilding

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    වාහනේට අලුතෙන් ටයර්

    Indonesia I think. Will have to check marking on tires. Definitely not china as some said try avoid the china GT
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    Grinder (not blender)

    bump ;-)
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    phone shop karana aya

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    Thaththata phone ekak

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    25 kata phone ekak?

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    Nokia 2 Phone එක අවුලක් නැද්ද ?

    Nokia 2.0. Good build quality compared to similar low priced phones. But if you have several apps becomes very slow. Low memory and not so fast processor (according to reviews in the web). If lot of apps, touch app icon and can count the seconds (sometimes may be even 10) until app opens :-) ...
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    2kW off grid ekak


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