1. Land for sale 5 minutes from Ingiriya Town

    Kalutara Land for sale 5 minutes from Ingiriya Town

    Please refer to the attachments. Selling this bare land due to it has no use for me as I live abroad. Land contains 61.8 perches and valued at 6,500,000.00 LKR. Situated at the heart of Ingiriya town just behind the police station less than 5 minute walking distance. Inspections can be arranged...
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    Questions Airtel Sewa Center

    Hi anyone Airtel partner? I have some questions I would like to ask. Thank you
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    SMS Verification

    Hi I need sms verification from airtel number. IF you can do please message me
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    Dialog SMS Divert

    hello friends, I’m trying to set up Dialog sms divert so my sms forward to my email. But if I try to signup e.g. on Instagram I’m not receiving sms to my email. Any ideas what problem is? Thanks
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    It's Been A While!

    It's been almost 5 years since i last visited(You last visited: 10-20-2012 at 07:02 AM), and its been 11 years since i joined this site. Wonder anyone from those good old days are still active? GTRZ?? are you still the site Admin or have you moved on to better adventures? Anyhow, just wanted to...
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    ‘Inaugural Match’ Saga of Josephian Cricket

    By Neil Wijeratne By the time St. Joseph’s College confronted St. Peter’s College for the first time on the cricket field in 1933, they possessed a unique record of having won almost all of their inaugural cricket matches against every leading school. Just take a look at “inaugural” match...
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    MaNy HaPpY ReTuRnS Of ThE DaY ''ELAKIRI''

    heyya guys......tho im not really active here dun think ive fogotten you all hehe so here i came to wish you ELAKIRI a very happy and a joy full birthday and may all EKs dreamz come true;););) special wishes to GT & bro Lich for the wonderful work done through out theese 2years and wish you...
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    Opera 9.5xx beta[[kestrel]] new build

    Welcome to 2008! I hope you all had an excellent celebration, and that you're rested and ready for some more testing. Here's a new Kestrel build for you. Happy new year! Also, check out this little gem: Ctrl(Cmd)+Alt+Click and drag a page. woot! WARNING: These are development snapshots...
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    Opera 9.5 Kestrel (beta)

    http://www.opera.com/products/desktop/next/ you guys gonna love the new opera damn even the alpha was damn good:yes:
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    Introducing the Sony Ericsson W990i full touchscreen Walkman phone

    - 3G/HSDPA - 5 mega pixel camera with auto-focus - front 1.3 mega pixel camera - 20x digital zoom - VGA video recording - 3.5 inch VGA 16 million color touchscreen - 8 GB internal storage - built in GPS receiver - FM radio with RDS - bluetooth 2/WIFI b+g+n - stereo speakers (2 x 3.5W) - new...
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    Demonoid Shut Down by the CRIA

    "TorrentFreak contacted some of the Demonoid administrators, but they are not sure what happened either. It is certainly possible that Demonoid’s Canadian ISP pulled the plug after being pressured by the CRIA. The Demonoid server is still pinging, but the ISP could have firewalled the everything...
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    Ha**** Ge WaUlLu

    hehe onna kollo ehenang ekath damma....lolzzzzz hehe guys guess whos UW are deese :lol:
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    If Tomorrow Never Comes

    If I knew it would be the last time that I'd see you fall asleep, I would tuck you in more tightly and pray the Lord, your soul to keep. If I knew it would be the last time that I see you walk out the door, I would give you a hug and kiss and call you back for one more. If I knew it would...
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    From Which Tree Have You Fallen

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    Live X-Ray Scan

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    Beautiful Pics and Rules for Life

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    Tallest Bridge of the World.

    What a Engineering! There was a really good documentary on the construction of this on Discovery or TLC a month or so ago. It is located in southern France, and is the highest bridge in the world. It is a truly amazing piece of engineering, especially considering the method used to span the...
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    Scary Spiders

    No contents