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    The website Phone Hub seems new growing phone comparison site. It seems good but features are good. Hope it will give a hit since it targets all shops in Sri Lanka. It has some nice features Eg: Check Samsung Galaxy A03s. Set Lowest Price Alert Expert Score Price History No of views More...
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    Interesting information on iPhone 13

    Here is couple of links for interesting information on iPhone 13. Which country has cheapest price to buy iPhone 13? How many days you need to work to buy an iPhone 13?
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    Questions Where I can download free Illustrator beginner video tutorial?

    Hi, Guide me where I can download free Illustrator beginner video tutorial. Actually looking for 12-14 age kids. Medium: English. Torrent (with good seeds), YouTube or Google drive link would be appreciated. Please tag any member who has sources.
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    Prepare to make sacrifices

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    JMO says girl was raped

    End Impunity On Child Labour, Trafficking, And Sexual Exploitation Ms. Jude Kumar Ishalini of Diyagama, Hatton—an underaged girl employed as a domestic aide at the residence of former Minister and present Member of Parliament Mr. Rishad Bathiudeen was admitted to the Colombo National Hospital...
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    Online prostitution: Website owner, accountant and designer arrested

    Online prostitution: Website owner, accountant and designer arrested Who? Lanka Ads? Update: Another 02 suspects including the owner of the Website arrested by the CID over the incident of sexual exploitation of a 15 year old girl from Mt.Lavinia area over the internet according to the Police...
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    Write a sad story... I'm from Sri Lanka!

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    A Ceylonese ‘Princess’ in China, Internet Erupts in Anger and Dismay in Sri Lanka

    A Ceylonese ‘Princess’ in China, Internet Erupts in Anger and Dismay in Sri Lanka. So, China-Lanka princes would return to Sri Lanka and rule at least as MP or minister? :)
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    Which is the best website to see all automobile/car/vehicle information (like gsmarena for phones)? Also, recommend me which is best WP theme for automobile? Many WP themes are for store/repairing. But, I am looking for theme not only with selling/buying option. Something like this website. Is...
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    US updates travel advisory on SL to level 4 (Covid-19 & terrorism)

    US State Department updates its Travel Advisory on Sri Lanka to Level 4, or 'Do Not Travel' citing a very high level of COVID-19 in the country. Travel Advisory on Sri Lanka states "Do not travel to Sri Lanka due to COVID-19. Exercise increased caution in Sri Lanka due to terrorism". State...
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    Internet Adult Film Database

    This is Internet Adult Film Database! https://www.iafd.com/
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    High Rice Price

    Why does the rice price increase much within a year? Earlier about 1 year ago 5kg Samba rice pack was less than 450/- and now it's about 850/-. Why double price within a year? What causes to price increase. Other variety of rices are same high price! But, we don't have salary increment...
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    Mobile phone purchasing advice - Some cases

    Mobile phone has good market in Sri Lanka. However, there are bias, fake and other issues. So, I gathered some information. Ideabeam is not reliable – a few shops, favoritism, etc. (Refer the link for more review) Ikman is not good – fake price, limited shops, no big dealers, etc. (Refer the...
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    I was searching "trading company" and Trading company in sri lanka and found this website, https://goldlandtc.com. But, I need to know trading company or agency for crypto currency and forex. I don't what the current result from google. What should be correct when i search "trading". Any...
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    China to cancel some steel export tax

    China to cancel some steel export tax rebates from May 1 China will reduce the export rebate rates for some steel products from May 1, the Ministry of Finance said on Wednesday April 28. Steel products with HS codes 7205-7307 will be affected, which includes hot-rolled coil, rebar, wire rod...
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    Covid-19 and irresponsible route buses!

    Due to Covid-19 bus fare was increased since they wanted to limit passengers. However, they are keen on getting more passengers as possible. This is breach of social distance practice and against the increase of bus fare rate! After the Sinhala and Tamil New Year, corona is increasing and still...
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    Instagram - Quick growth

    Some people quickly get more followers in Instagram. How is it possible? Apart from advertisement, is it possible? Any bot, app or software?
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    Questions HitAd

    Where I can see HitAd online version / electronic HitAd? Earlier I was able to see free HidAd. Now I don't! :(
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    Questions J B L

    Hi guys Look at this JBL Sri Lanka site. Is it official or just somebody created? The site seems not housing all products. Eg: See this JBL speakers and 13 products and most of them are 'out of stock'!? When It comes to price, JBL GO 3, it costs 10500/-, but official sites sells for 7850/-...
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    SLT internet denies Blogspot

    SLT internet denies Blogger / Blogspot sites (Not the main site). I don't know the reason. Is there any SLT internet users? I have checked some sites that run on blogger/blogspot. Here is some samples: Spa Travel agency Sri Lanka Information I have checked with Dialog, and it have no issues to...

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