🕵️👮 Serial killer hunt spanning decades may be over after former police officer leaves posthumous confession 👮🕵️

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  • Feb 27, 2021
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    A man found dead in the southern town of Grau-du-Roi, identified only as Francois V, may have been "the pockmarked killer".


    The 35-year hunt for a serial killer in France may finally have come to an end after a former police officer left a posthumous confession saying he was "the pockmarked killer".The corpse of a 59-year-old man identified only as Francois V was found in the southern town of Grau-du-Roi near Montpellier on Wednesday, French media reported. A suicide note suggests he may have been "Le Grele", which translates as the pockmarked killer, accused of four murders and six rapes since 1986.


    The crimes included the murder of a child, 11-year-old Cecile Bloch, in Paris. She was reported missing by her mother when she failed to return home for lunch on 5 May 1986. After a search, her partially naked body was found under and old carpet in a cellar, and evidence suggested she had been raped.

    Other suspected murder victims were Gilles Politi, 38, a 20-year-old German woman, Irmgard Müller, and Karine Leroy, who was 19. In his letter, the man reportedly said he had been in a poor mental state at the time of the crimes but had since "got himself together". He is said to have been a gendarme, and to have had two children after getting married.

    Newspapers Le Point and Parisien said he took his own life after becoming a suspect in the crimes. Authorities had ordered him to appear before a magistrate but he failed to comply, according to Le Parisien. A DNA test is being carried out on the body, reports said.

    Source: news.sky.com

    On the morning of May 6th, 1986, 11-year-old Cecile Bloch left her home to go to school. She never made it there. Her brutally murdered body was found in the basement of her apartment building in Paris. She was the first victim of an unidentified serial killer Le Grêle a.k.a The Pockmarked Killer.


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