A High Level Of Cunning Is Not A High Level of Intelligence


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  • Mar 29, 2017
    The Rajapaksa family cannot be credited with intelligence or wisdom. But, they have village cunning. Cunning can deceive an ill-educated mass who have been led to believe that the Country is in peril, “Buddhism is in danger and the Sinhala race will be a minority”. That is the slogan, which of course is stuff and nonsense, but a great sell. Not done out of belief but out of great convenience. Why? It works for the Rajapaksas.

    It is pertinent to recall the words of Robert Knox. “The Cingalese have a high level of cunning, which they mistake for a high level of intelligence”. I am one (a Sinhalese and born a Buddhist ) but I am also a homo sapien of the world order. Today the words of Knox are not common to all Sinhalese but hold true when it comes to crafty politicians, Also, to a great extent, it exists in village life. The politicians massage the mindset of the masses to kneel down before the Bo tree, Saffron robe, and the peals of the Temple bell. We believe that would bring us to a better place in our next life. Religion and religious philosophy should be very private to each individual and has no place in a nation’s Constitution. Many may rise in arms at this, but please face reality. This is the truth. Nothing but the truth. Buddhism is NOT UNDER THREAT. It will never be. It would if we continue to move away from Buddha’s words in their true essence. It is being pushed in that direction as of now. The Enlightened One’s teaching is under threat from distorted application jointly foisted upon a gullible public ( educated and not ) by a section of politicians ( for personal gain ) and Sanga (out of fear), I hope. I will not include the section of Sanga that is politically active within that thought process. Let us forget them. Why? The politically active Sanga and the larger section who stay within the teaching of Buddha’s word are far apart from each other as chalk and cheese. Sadly, it is the former who are heard by the public. Sadly, it is the former who are knighted by the politicians in power. Sadly the knighted Sanga believe that they deserve such accolades and the Politician KNOW that they benefit from bestowing such. A low level of cunning is mistaken for a high level of intelligence. See?

    Be that as it may, let me give some unsolicited advice to the Rajapaksa family.
    None of us are going to get out of this place alive after we are born. You included. Tirupathi, Mahanayake’s combined nor all the known and unknown deities and genies will give you eternal life. In time you have to face the Jury upstairs. Whatever the number of faiths the Rajapaksas’ place their bets with the rules are the same. As age catches up with you Mahinda, as it must with the rest of your clan in the future, you cannot cheat, lie to a higher being for mercy for what you have brought upon a gullible yet innocent people who trusted you. And your family who you taught to plunder at will. But, more importantly, you changed the mindset of a serene Buddhist majority to hate the minorities to suit your singular purpose. History will never forget that nor can you and your family buy yourselves out through stolen billions. I do not wish nor long to predict history. Yet I did say this before too, remember?

    Our Judicial system deems that a person is innocent until proven guilty in a Court of Law. But you are the law! Who will prove you guilty? If anyone does try they do so at their own peril. You have extended that facility to your minions as well. Your brother, who you unleashed on us has taken it to another level. Examples galore. Sheer arrogance or is it narcissism? Within Sri Lanka, the hallowed protectorate of Buddhism, you have cheated, even the Buddha. You must know that. Return the ill-gotten bounty to the people and you may find peace in the evening of your life.

    The country is bleeding. People are hungry. This is 2022. Food at an affordable price is but normal across the world. The wolf is at the door of our rural folk who believed in you. Buying a Jet to stand by to get away for medical treatment or from a marauding public is but a temporary reprieve. Mahinda, you set your brother and family upon the people as messiahs. They thought you and your clan will give them a touch more. They did not understand or know that there was more to life than three meals of rice. You and your family try to keep them thinking that it is so. But even the three meals of rice are a stretch now. They hoot you. It is spontaneous. Using the Police or Army to stop it will only make it worse in time. Friendly nations may come forward to help temporarily. The Sri Lankan people at large will have to pay back your profligacy. I do not think that you are daft enough to believe that it would be the country that pays back and not the people.

    It is time. In your own interest in the evening of your life please Go. If and when you do, make certain that you remove all of your family from public life as you have not taught them the basics of humanity and being of honest service to the people.

    Remember Knox. “Cingalese have a low level of cunning which they mistake for a high level of Intelligence. “Many Cingalese are now educated and will as they must, bring Sri Lanka back to her full potential. Sadly, Mahinda, you nor your family will not have a role in that play. Your time is done on earth as it is in heaven (hell). You may note that I have not touched upon your brothers and the rest of your extended family that you have thrust upon us. They do not matter as the blame lies squarely at your feet.

    Let someone else prove Knox wrong as it must. We deserve to be more than a people who are of a low level of cunning believing that it passes off as intelligence. Just glance at the scores that excel overseas. I rest my case. I hope you do too.


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  • Jun 11, 2014