Cisco and Apple Settle on the "iPhone" Trademark


Jun 13, 2006
Both companies will use the "iPhone" trademark

Cisco Systems and Apple today came to a definitive agreement on the trademark name "iPhone." The two companies have been at each other's neck for the better part of the last two months since Apple officially launched its iPhone back in January. After the launch, Cisco filed a suit against Apple claiming that it had infringed on the "iPhone" trademark, which rightfully belongs to Cisco.

Under the agreement, Cisco will allow Apple to freely use the "iPhone" trademark globally. Cisco will also be able to use the same trademark name on its own products. In a statement, Cisco said that each company will dismiss any pending actions regarding the trademark and the two companies will look into other opportunities for the "iPhone" name. According to the press release:

Under the agreement, both companies are free to use the "iPhone" trademark on their products throughout the world. Both companies acknowledge the trademark ownership rights that have been granted, and each side will dismiss any pending actions regarding the trademark. In addition, Cisco and Apple will explore opportunities for interoperability in the areas of security, and consumer and enterprise communications. Other terms of the agreement are confidential.

Cisco's consumer division Linksys has a line of Skype VoIP phones using the "iPhone" trademark, which launched late last year. Apple later made a gamble with its mobile phone and also called it the "iPhone" -- even though Apple knew at that time that the trademark rightfully belonged to Cisco.
Source: Dailytech