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  • Dec 25, 2008
    මගෙ CV එකට දාන්න මෙ ටිකෙ හරි වැරදි බලලා කියනවද. ලොකු උදව්වක්

    Experienced Information Technology Executive with a Demonstrated History of 9 Years Working Experience in the Education Management Industry. Successfully implementing the existing pandemic status and constantly testing new technology solutions, the company has made maximum contribution to increasing efficiency and profitability.

    • Implement and managing student learning management systems (Moodle, Blackboard, Canvas)
    • Configuring and managing company firewall’s (Application and web filtering, IPsec VPN, SSL VPN)
    • Installation, Configuration and Managing Active Directory, DNS, DHCP, GPO's, AV Servers
    • Troubleshooting and resolved all server and network-related issues
    • Troubleshooting and resolve all software and hardware related issues (Printers, Projectors)
    • Managing network and data security, DLP (Monitoring, Prevention, and penetration testing)
    • Managing centralized endpoint security system
    • Managing company databases (Oracle, Phpmyadmin)
    • Managing and monitoring backup systems and disaster recovery sites
    • Managing and troubleshooting company LAN, WLAN, WAN Networks (UniFI AP's, Extremecloud iq)
    • Administrating Microsoft silver partner portal and Office 365 portal
    • Managing websites domain, hosting, and content uploading
    • Managing CCTV security system and access control system
    • Handling Department Budget Management & co-ordinating billing process
    • Handling Company Asset Management