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Oct 18, 2008
Machan direct add karanna ebay ekata credit or debit card. sallith withdraw wenawa. Man call kara ebay ekata. ai me ubala pay pal maththe marenna yanne? habai 10%k denna one.
Oct 13, 2014
Hi Yaluwane....

Awuruddath Kittu kittu gewal aspas karakara wada karaddi me aluth awuruddatata Mage EK yaluwanta Awurudu Thaggak :yes::love: widiyata mama karanna hithan hitapu deyak ada kiyala denna yanne mage anith thread eka complete karanna mata welawak haba une na :sorry: eth ada mama meka complete karanawa... :) :yes:


Mama hithapu deyak thamai ada mama me karanna yanne...:yes:

Oyagollo dannawa athi ape Ebay eke innawa :yes:, Ebay pro sellers la:yes:, api mama nama kiwata tharaha wena eka na mage yaluwo,
Ape lasankandy sahodaraya , e wagema ape Fire_bird sahodaraya ,cpasl123,maduranga_it, thawa godak kattiya innawa mama danna ebay eke sell karana..:yes:....mama dannawa egolloth me wadeta aniwarayen ma sahayogayak denawa kiyala.....:yes::D:love:

Hari api patan gammu mulin ma:yes::-

1. Api Discuss karanawa Ebay account ekak saha Paypal Account ekak
Maintain karana widiya gana:yes:

2. Limit nokaragena Suspend nokaragen Use karana widiya gana:yes:

3. Monada Honda Hot products sell karanna:yes:

owa thamai Main head topics me thread eke yanne.:yes:...thawa add karanna one nam kiyanna nathnam mata PM ekak daaan k....meka interactive thread ekak ithin oyagollange adahas prakasha karanna ape support one nam apita awith kiyanna, puluwan udawwak karannam....samaharak ape eBay eke sell karana yaluwo me dawas wala exams.....ithin apita poddak excuse karanna reply karanna late unoth....:yes:

Reference Thread for all member regarding anything related to eBay and Paypal:


Tutorial Part 1 - How to Make an Ebay and Paypal Account

*Not using Your Own Details and Completely Anonymousness no linking to other ebay and Paypal Accounts.:yes:;)

* These Paypal and eBay Accounts will last long as long as you use it using tips given below. ;)

* These eBay and Paypal accounts are used to make a quick money and not for long term use maximum that can be earned is $500 - $1000 or used for 2 - 6 Months or more depending on the user. :yes::shocked:


1) Go Here and select http://www.fakenamegenerator.com/
And Select Gender as : Male
Name Set : American
Country: United States

You will get generated details such as name , address , telephone number etc , save them on a Notepad. :cool:

2) Go to www.gmail.com and make a new mail account using the details that you obtained such as name and country etc.

2) Go to https://scgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?RegisterEnterInfo


Fill in the Details using the info that you got from above.

3) After creating the ebay , sometimes you will require to add a CC to verify your information , we do it with an eBay VCC , you will find alot of sellers selling those. :yes:

4) After finalizing everything , we are ready to Link our Paypal account with the eBay , the Paypal Account will Also be a US one as US Paypals are quite low risked and can receive Payments without having issues. :yes:

5) Paypal Account will be needed to be verified using a USA Virtual Bank Account which you can obtain cheaply from online sellers. :yes:

6) Okay we are now ready with the Accounts.

1) First and Foremost get some Paypal to your Paypal account , a good $10 will do to start with. :cool:

2) Look for some sellers on eBay selling cheap E-Books which are digitally delivered such as through E-mail , etc , Hosting sellers , websites , almost anything that are delivered digitally for under $0.99. :cool:

3) Buy or Bid on them and make sure they are the ones that are ending soon.

4) Once bought or delivered he will leave you feedback or usually will wait for you to leave feedback usually you will have to go first. :yes:

5) Collect upto 6 or more feedback 12 is the Best.

6) We are now ready for Selling.

1) As Sri Lankans we need a product to sell on eBay , sure you can do some dropshipping using some trusted dropshippers or sell coupons and codes onlines , softwares that needs to be delivered by post etc as eBay is very strict on Digital Goods. Here's a List of what you can sell on eBay safely. :yes:

2) Drop shipping electronics , Gift Cards ( Amazon , eBay , etc , ) Codes , Coupons , Softwares ( You will need to burn these on CD's and post.):yes:

3) Once we are ready with the our decided products source them and get the contacts ready. :cool:


1) Listing your first eBay Item is the most challenging , but take it easy and relax and you'll do great.

2)Make an Advanced Listing first , Go to start selling and you will be prompted to Choose a category etc etc just type what you are selling and it will find you the category with a rough template about it. :yes:

3) Lets fill in the Details as we know about the item we are selling and add some eBay friendly features such as some things that will get eBay some money from you Lets say , Add the Gallery feature will cost you a small amount of $$ but will be a good impression on you. :yes:

4) Donate a 5 - 10% on a charity and select that option. :love:

5) Select your Payment method as paypal and enter you paypal email or it will be done for you already. :cool:


6) Refund Policy , have a refund policy like 1 to 3 days etc depending on What you are selling. :cool:

7) Click continue

1) Once we click Continue we are taken to verification page where we will have to confirm some details with ebay such as our address etc and also a phone verification is done. :yes:

2) Get a Virtual US phone number diverted to your skype or Local Mobile , there are ample amounts of sellers selling those and keep in mind to match this with the details that you have in your ebay account like the area code etc as this is very important. :yes:

3) change the Number on the paypal account if you have a different number in it etc. ;)

4) An automated Call will be made by eBay with a verification code that you must enter on your eBay account to verify it. :yes:

5) Once the Verification is complete , You are asked how you would like to pay your seller fees simply select paypal and an Auto payment subscription is made on your paypal account. :cool:

6) Click Submit and we have done Listing Your Item. < Happies Moment. :D


* Do Keep in mind that Paypal and ebay Only tracks you using flash cookies, ip and personal details. :yes:

* Your Paypal Account is subjected to 21 Days Payment holds , or till you get positive feedback from the buyer for the product you shipped or mailed , or till you give them tracking information. :yes:

* But Also the trick is if you have done past transactions using the same Paypal for 1 week or 2 like send and receive money , then there is a chance that the payment holding scheme would not apply to you for sometime. :yes:

* List 1 item at a time and ship them promptly and add the status of the order on eBay and Paypal and keep it updated.And once when and item is shipped , list another one. :yes:

* Don't keep more than $100 in your paypal. :yes:

* If someone opens case on your item , then do not try to withdraw your paypal or send any paypal it will get limited instantly. :yes:

* Send money at a particular time everyday and don't show any suspicious activity at any time.

1) Changing IP - Most of Sri Lankan's Have Dynamic IP based Internet connections so disconnecting and reconnecting or restarting the router should get them with a new IP. :cool:

2) Clearing Flash cookies and Cookies :

Firefox and Chrome: use click and clean

It will act as a plugin on the browser and you can use it to delete your flash cookies and cookies instantly. :cool:



Hope this guide was Helpful to you :love:, if you have any further clarifications and queries , please feel free to drop me a PM or add me on
MSN/YIM: [email protected]

This guide was originally compiled by me and all tips and methods have been thoroughly tested and is been used up to date by me however deletion, suspension and Limitations done by Paypal and eBay are beyond my control and these happening due to actions of yours are not my responsibility , use this at your own understanding. :yes::love::cool:

Distribution , Printing and posting anywhere else is strictly Prohibited.
All Rights Reserved ©
Soopy452000 :love:

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Nice thread ekak, eth me widihata hadala wadi kal ebay eke inda baha,

Oya mulinma note kara wage meka short term use karanda witharai,