High Security Alert:


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  • Jan 26, 2010
    Beware, one such group is going from house to house pretending to be a Home Affairs Officer. They have the documents and the letterhead of the department of the home ministry and claim they have to confirm that everyone has a valid identity card for the upcoming census.
    They are looting houses. Note that there is no such initiative from the government. Send this to your neighborhood group chat. They are everywhere, and they look presentable. Please alert your family and friends.
    A person comes home and says I want to take your photo / thumbprint under some schemes. They have a laptop, a biometric machine and a list of all the names. They are showing a list and asking for all this information. It has been pointed out that all this is bogus. Don't give them any information. I am sending this post for everyone's information. Everyone should be alert and tell those who are not in the group.

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    CorD SaC

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  • Feb 4, 2015