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  • Jun 9, 2016
    Many skip Sapa. But it's a lovely place. We opted to travel from Hanoi to Lao-Cai just for the experience the train. Took the Chapa Express. Booked VIP cabins because we were not aware of how things are. We were travelling with a few friends too.

    We had our own hired van waiting for us at the destination to take us to Sapa. Stayed for two nights in a nice hotel. The Amazing Sapa. Superb place, they gave us a nice large family unit, heaps of space, overlooking the mountains with a balcony. All meals were included except the alcoholic beverages. Excellent food, superb spread of both western and asian cuisine mix, facilities and they organised some village tours too. Hotel located within just a short walk from the main shopping area.
    Travel gear, branded clothing (fake), Gore-Tex jackets etc going at unbelievable prices in the shopping streets.

    @SasiSpenzer has mentioned what the attractions are. You can buy nice local craft things from these villages. Some of the markets, you got to go in-between, cattle, goat. poultry etc, it rains in Sapa and tends to get muddy. Depending on the day of the week there are different markets to select.

    I will mention only what's not in the original post. The Chinese border is at Lao-Cai, a few kms from Sapa. That's where the train from Hanoi stops. Only a small bridge to cross to China. There's a Chinese border post on the Chinese side. Traders bring toys and other things from across China and sell in the Vietnamese side. Drones sold at unbelievable prices. Also many other electronic toys. They have a smuggling operation going on.

    The other place is Fangsipan - called the Roof of IndoChina - There is a new cable car system and then walk to the peak. If you visit Vietnam do not miss Sapa. It's different to others. It's more than 3000m in height.
    Wonderful !! Thanks for your Valuable Contribution :love: :yes:

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