SLIAg condemns abrupt removal of Prof Jayasinghe


Well-known member
  • Feb 8, 2016
    The Sri Lanka Institute of Agriculture (SLIAg) has written to President Gotabaya Rajapaksa condemning the ‘abrupt’ removal of a renowned food and agriculture scientist, Senior Professor Udith K. Jayasinghe, from the post of Secretary to the Ministry of Agriculture.

    The SLIAg said they believe the removal of Prof. Jayasinghe did not conform to professional and ethical standards of good governance.

    Prof. Jayasinghe was removed from his position reportedly for his comments to the media that a famine would occur in the coming months. The scientist, speaking to the media after his removal, said that he stands by his public statement and that he had been asked to leave for reasons beyond his comprehension.

    The Government had taken up the position that he was against its vision to go green with organic farming.

    In a letter dated 26 December, the SLIAg stated that they were deeply concerned over the removal of a professional Fellow - Specialist in Food and Agricultural Economics and Business Management of SLIAg, the highest-ranking membership awarded to a citizen based on qualifications.

    "Such a hasty removal of a senior academic tarnishes the reputation of all Sri Lankan professionals," it stated.

    "Your Excellency, we, the SLIAg, who represent all agriculture professionals in the country, hereby request all authorities to attend to matters of this nature with the highest level of professionalism, paying due respect and regard to professionals who have rendered their services by all means to execute the country's development agenda," the letter read.