Why the disparity between the 1 Trillion Yen I said, and the 500 billion currently in news? Here's why.

Indrajith Gamage

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  • Aug 15, 2020
    Okay, I meant questions about the topic. 👍

    You think you have become the god just because of your news about 1 trillion news. LOL, what kind of market exposure are you looking for?
    I'm not looking for market exposure. (totally irrelevant to what I do) However, it's my duty to warn folks who are keeping ill bought dollars thinking they'll be able to sell it higher. That ship has sailed. Dollar was pumped up to ridiculous levels but that's just bad management. This is not the real value, so it's going to settle down lower. You can opt to take my news now and convert, and reduce some losses and get better performing assets. Or you can continue to hoard until the ball drops and the panic sets in, and then sell off for crumbs and make a huge loss. It's completely upto you, but remember you've been warned. 🙏😊

    Selfishness will lead the whole society to destruction.
    Exactly. 😒 Unfortunately that's the case when trust isn't there. Banks get run down and exchange rates sky rocket in the market.
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