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    Success in life means money

    yes that the ultimate happiness. its not just words.. you have to put into practice the more u let go more you become happy
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    ගමේ කට්ටියගේ අවදානය දිනා ගන්නේ කොහොමද ?

    bloody hell i was thinking the same... instant fame
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    ලංකාවේ Overrated ම දේවල් මොනවද ?

    you my some brain ✊
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    American Dream

    wait till the bull run ends
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    MSc Programs for IT Professionals

    honestly Msc is a bloody waist of time and energy for IT professionals...
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    වයස පහළොවක සිසුවිය ගැබිනියක කළැයි දාහතරේ සිසු පෙම්වතා අත්අඩංගුවට

    u underage boss.. not gonna be a rape case ane manda ube general knowledge eka nam anthimai
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    Success in life means money

    success has many formats.. for sri lankans success is an i8 a girl and house. for a monk success is enlightenment for a bank robber success is not getting caught.. and the list goes on the day u stop measuring ur self to the outside world..will be the day u’ll be happy and successful
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    Green Pineapple and Green Papaya

    @Emios mewata uttara deepan
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    මේ සතා මොකාද මචං

    eka ne
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    මොනවද බන් මේ ??

    our future is strong........
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    Zoom, Teams or Meet?

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    China suspends economic dialogue with Australia, plunging relations to new low

    you have no fu$ing idea mate