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    Trackpad Help

    Trackpad2 Grey color ekak hoya gane sup ekak ?? gane tanak thiyanawanam kiayne plz
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    වස්ති, විනී මාර්කටින්

    I remember vini's marketing breaking some website. its success full . they have already made a chat around the new platform . they wanted to create buzz, not conversions concept eka FB dala okata minissu gane eka newei bun ------ Post added on 1621502737
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    තවත් ඉඩ නෑ, කොරෝනා ආසාදිතයන් හෙට (17) සිට ගෙදර

    hadapu andawal mokatada etakota, amry eken kerepu hospital eka machan?
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    සිංහළු හෙන බය ගුල්ලෝ නේ

    so basically 15 years including Mahinda era also we've been eating poison?
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    Airtel 4G is Live

    i got 19mbps
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    Airtel 4G is Live

    Good news. today i went to thalawathugoda area and the airtel 4G worked . can some one verify this is the same in their areas as well?
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    Loan to Buy a House

    from where? which bank?
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    Loan to Buy a House

    thanks machan, ara wade hari giye na
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    Loan to Buy a House

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    Loan to Buy a House

    Brothers, do you know how to get full or more than 70% loan for a house? mortgaging or other?
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    Unlimited Packages දාල .

    mekata fup tibe
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    DIALOG 4G wada da?

    man thalawathugoda, matat wada na complain kera, thama mukut na