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    Religion of PIGS

    i am alive and well...but the poster seems to be oblivious to rational thinking. where have you been?
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    ලෙක්ච කෙනෙක් බලු වැඩ කරනවා .මූට ගේමක්?

    ane ban umbalage athal danne api ne......that is another part of the show
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    Religion of PIGS

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    ඇමරිකාවෙ කොල්ලා ලංකාවෙ පැවිදි වෙයි

    he doesnt know what shit he is falling into :lol: :lol:
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    පාකිස්තාන භාණ්ඩ වර්ජනය කරමු

    typical we are begging from others
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    Sri Lankan burned to death over Blasphemy in Pakistan

    are you also planning to burn them?
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    නටාශා නම් ලේසිම නෑ

    මේකිගේ නිකං වැල වගේ එල්ලෙනවා නේද? තද ගතියක් නෑ
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    අනර්කෙලී අළුත්💘

    මේ කිවෙනි එකාද ?
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    නබි වාක්‍ය ඉරුවැයි පාකිස්තාන ඇඟළුම් කම්හලේ සාමාන්‍යධිකාරී ප්‍රියන්ත ප්‍රසිද්ධියේ මරා පුළුස්සලා

    ow machan.....api dan methana kibul kadulu haluwata....apith ohoma thamai. Jaffna library 1983 tamils burnt alive Beruwala incident Digana incident Minuwangoda incident..... mata nam mun okkoma ekai
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    Gods Dinner

    we should not comment...I mean its a bit of overdoing. we keep on commenting and he gets his ego satisfied. end of the day we know he is some sort of a abnormal fellow. that is the reason i stopped commenting...
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    need a consultation for going Ausi

    get ready to clean....and work as forklift driver. here even PR processing is delayed
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    උබල මොනාද Black Friday ගන්නේ ?

    one gas cylinder and some vegetables