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  • >> i have edit it for all sri lankans

    that mean you did some modifications. and youre project license is open source.
    so you should publish the source code, unless it's a violation of the GNU GPL.

    I believe you but ,how can you guarantee that modified code isn't a virus? Looking
    at java byte code we can't tell it. So that's there GNU GPL have license rules.
    machan the problem is not you are sri lankan. and you are not a company like microsoft.
    and you change some open sourced project ( you mean sinhala addon) and you saying
    us to use it. How can I trust binary code. that is why I told you to open source what
    you modified. Then if there is virus or torjan code We can analyze it.

    many ppl told that it getting how can I trust you?
    machan i want to buy a rapidshare account.. are they like normal rapidshare accounts? or is there a catch
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