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  • yeah hehe you are a babe lol...i always thought msn wasnt meant for me but i wna be a part of your foundation lol.
    lol do simple things like making kids and looking after house while i bring bread lmao.
    my day was great darling ..hope yours too ..hehe flew last week ..not again for another few weeks..hugs you back ..be happy all the time k ..
    hehe good thing you dont have homeworks cos they defa suck. lol 11.30 is like the dawn for me...and yeah im doing great thanks sweet idiot.
    lol downloading msn seems awfully boring huni..but im gna do it for you tomorow. you have lectures tomorow?
    hey grea how you doing hun? my ek chat bar is gone..can't log into msn know not why..hope you are alright..take care. miss you.
    haha :rofl:
    answer: of course, here it is lol


    RaR Password

    hope this helps :D
    Hikz as I said before I dunno what kind of music fan I am :lol:
    Can u trust me that Im a fan of 6/8 Sri Lankan kottu songs as well ? :lol:

    Hmm in this case I like that song I sent u previosly and
    I love the way- Gabrial Anthonio
    Stranger - Chris Brown
    Low- T pain Flo reda
    etc So Im afraid u have to figure out which kinda fan I am :lol:
    Tc u too sis :D
    C ya laterz :D
    Hikz I dunno whether its RnB or what
    But u knw what U r the only this type of music fan I ever encountered trust me ;)
    This is my fav hit these days :)
    hi ..ive been waiting to talk to you sweet idiot hehe. im doing good hope you are too.
    and i am so happy. don't you worry about it..and i hope you are so happy as well which by the way i know you are lol.
    right now im guessing you are at msn ..catch you there ..love ya.
    haai going to hit the bed already? hmm catch you tomorow then sweetie..
    hugs you back tighter hehe sleep good.
    and im alright darling. be a good girl mwah.
    and hope you are alright too which i know you are.
    take good care.
    I ve roll baq to the ADSL unlimited package if u want that song
    simply let me knw and I can give it to u
    Thats the least I can do for u :D
    c ya laterz then
    bs :)
    I already found the excellent quality of that song and dwonloaded it through Limewire
    That means I cant give you the download link(hope u knw bout Limewire ?):(
    I could have upload it but im using 1GB free ADSL connection. and already exceed the limit
    Tell me if u could find it I'll upload it for you :D
    Tc :D
    coucou toi !!! ça va nango?? kalekin deke na oya...
    bientôt là rentrée hein?? :P hehe.
    amuse toi bien le reste des vacances.... ;) :love: bisous...
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