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    අඩු වයසින් මහන කරවන එකත් මේ වගේද?

    Here I googled it for you. And good night for today.
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    නිර්මාංශ වීම

    1) For the record I am a secular Buddhist. And according to Buddhism karma is not the only niyama dharma. So trying to explain according to karma is not buddhism. 2) We are talking about modern animal agriculture. Was there artificial insemination in Buddha's time? Just like industrial pollution...
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    අඩු වයසින් මහන කරවන එකත් මේ වගේද?

    Thats why I said its normal. Just because a child cross dresses in childhood it does not mean he is going to be a cross dresser in adulthood. Atleast google before you write something.
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    Jar Cake කාලා තියද? 😋

    Apita nane uba wage yaluwo. BTW good luck. If possible try to cater to the plant based community as well.
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    මේ වගේ ලිපියක් ඔබ පැතුම්ගෙන් බලාපොරොත්තු උනාද

    Or being diplomatic. BTW show me any other politician(non- extreme) brave enough to say this. All the religions are equally false including Christianity as well. ------ Post added on 1638554288
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    අඩු වයසින් මහන කරවන එකත් මේ වගේද?

    1)Its not about what the consent is for, its about the ability to give informed consent. 2) yeah why not. And if he wants to be a crossdresser once he becomes an adult I have no authority to object( not that I Want to).
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    ඔයාගේ බැංකු ගිනුමේ සල්ලි

    Big nothing. A great movie btw.
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    අඩු වයසින් මහන කරවන එකත් මේ වගේද?

    1)ඒවා මිනිස්සු එකතු වෙලා හදපු ඒවා. - So are the religions. ලොකේ දැන් පුද්ගල නිදහසට වෙනදට නොදුන්න තැනක් ලබා දෙන පැත්තට තමයි තල්ලු වීගෙන යන්නෙ.-true which is great. But one major factor that decides the capacity to give consent is age. Read any statutory rape court case 2)I am an antinatalist. So...
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    නිර්මාංශ වීම

    Mchn religions are invented thousands of years ago. They have no bearing on most of the modern situations. For example, is polluting water a sin? whats the buddist opinion on reckless driving? The same goes for all the other religions as well. Considering everything from a religious point of...