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  • ------------Spacelovers--------------

    across the space, around the stars
    i found the earth, to meet you there
    i take you with me, tripm to the moon
    one breath the sky, just me and you
    desire in the eyes, the touch in the heart
    i will make it real, for nothing is real

    I tell you once, set free your fears
    free like the wind, eternal threats
    the countdown stars, relax don't move
    the pilot's me, the trys you hard
    desire in my eyes, you touch in my heart
    the bluer make it real, for love in my dream

    for For Mp3 downlaod or listean Spacelovers-Spacelover
    [Front-Cut] The Space Lovers - Space Lover (extended mix).mp3
    mam wal pal kiyawana wedida manda..okkomala kiyanne mata tyenne perapasal molayak kiyala! :?
    if the answer is NO..means's yes..if Yes ! means No...if Yes mean Directly ..means yes!!! or if NO ! means you are a lier
    No..its not like that....
    but tried ones at PC autoexe.bat files *.* to copy files....not using ctrl+c and ctrl+V..hek hel hel heh he....
    obe as dekin dakina de nemai atta.molaya visin siyall sathya bawata peralanawa.....
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