Are you looking for Wristbands supplier in UAE ?


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  • Aug 27, 2012
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    Are you looking for the best price supplier in Dubai ,UAE ? We are supplying Tyveck wristbands, Plastic/Vinyl L shape wristbands and Silicone wristbands . We have the largest stock in Dubai,UAE for all these type wristbands.
    wristbands are an essential item for events. Also to crowd control at entrance.We have two major options for the same.
    Tyvek Wristbands in Dubai
    If you are looking for cost effective option, Tyvek wristband is the best option .These are water proof. So, you can use them in any water activity.
    Also, these are Non tear-able .Which means ,it’s one time use. The tyvek wristbands can not be transferal from person to a person, once the sticker removed and put on to a person hand.
    This type wristbands are ideal in Dubai, UAE for manage the crowd as a ticket at entrance point.
    Tyveck wristbands some times prefer as Paper. But it’s not a normal paper,therefor the durability and usage of these bands are more.

    Gift ideas UAE is one of the Largest Wristbands supplier in MENA including UAE(Dubai,Abu Dhabi ,AL ain )
    tyvek wristands are comes 1000 in one box.and 10000 in a carton.
    Branding option :Single color print
    What are the use of Wristbands in Dubai,Abu dhabi ,UAE. In Event organizing to control the crowds, in Hotels to monitor the use of their facilities GYM ,Pool etc.These are Plastic or vinyl L shape wristbands,and tyveck wristbands .
    The silicone bands are the best option for awareness campaign in school or any other group activity for money raising activity in Dubai, UAE
    Now the MOQ(minimum order for quantity) has become very low ,some time as 100 nos

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