Blood Test Helps Accurately Diagnose Bipolar Disorder.


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  • Mar 29, 2017
    This test is aimed at differentiating bipolar disorders from depression. The news may be surprising, given the challenges in diagnosing psychiatric conditions, especially when they share common symptoms such as recurrent depression and bipolar disorder.

    Depression and bipolar disorders are two distinct psychiatric illnesses requiring different treatments. Early and accurate diagnosis and appropriate treatment are major challenges for clinicians, especially since untreated or inadequately treated bipolar disorder can lead to significant mental and physical health consequences for patients and their families.
    Published studies indicate that it takes an average of 8-10 years, and sometimes even longer, to diagnose bipolar disorder. The diagnosis is based on a psychiatric clinical examination, which is conducted by a specialist using validated questionnaires and evaluation scales.

    SYNLAB the leader in medical diagnostic services and specialty testing in Europe, is marking World Bipolar Day 2024 by announcing the launch of a revolutionary test for the diagnosis of bipolar disorder in France. myEDIT-B is the first clinically validated test for the differential diagnosis between bipolar disorder and unipolar depression, signalling a paradigm shift in the identification of this mental health disorder and thus increasing the effectiveness of the treatment approach.
    Technically, myEDIT-B measures RNA editing changes of specific markers in patients' blood. SYNLAB uses cutting-edge Next Generation Sequencing (NGS) technology with a unique algorithm using an artificial intelligence tool that specifically selected 8 RNA sequences for analysis from thousands of edited sequences to obtain a differential signature for unipolar and bipolar depressions that has been developed by ALCEDIAG for this test.

    myEDIT-B is the product of a collaboration between diagnostics manufacturer ALCEDIAG and SYNLAB, carried out within the framework of the EU funding programme EIT Health. The innovative test is also available in Italy since October 2023.

    PS: While ALCEDIAG boasts a sensitivity and specificity of more than 80% for its test, the psychiatric world remains cautious. The test is quite expensive at 899.

    Investigators from the University of Cambridge, have also developed a new blood test to help accurately diagnose bipolar disorder. The researchers used a combination of an online psychiatric assessment and the new blood test that identifies biomarkers of the disease to diagnose patients with bipolar disorder, many of whom who had been misdiagnosed with major depressive disorder.