Corona Negative Thinking in a Poet


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  • Sep 8, 2017
    Corona negative thinking in a poem.
    Lack of commitment is observed throughout the poem. There are poorest people i know personally around me having spend money to eat a fried rice, pizza, and even Kfc chicken buckets, mc rice etc. At least once a month. But the same people do not have enough capability to reload 200 rupees for a monthly paid data bundle for whatsapp and zoom etc. Else, it is due to lack of knowledge of such evm exist.
    What i beleieve what most of the students have is no smart phone owned by farther/mother or any relative close to them and willing to give them at least for couple of hours for educational purposes. This is the bitter truth, but if thy willing to they could buy something for rental basis, whixh they leisurely feed themselves with super luxurious food least once a month or else they could have good meals one month after another to consistantly save money to biy a smart phone. Normally in second hand market u could find fairly good ones around 5000/- to 12,000/-, brand new also starting from 20,000/-

    If there is a will there is a way...